Wet Your Whiskers

1038 Upper Valley Pike
Springfield, OH 45503

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. wonderful well qualified animal lovers five stars

    by: amncarey

    very great place to take any pet, staff is wonderful


    total animal lovers


    you will get wet if you choose to wash your own pet

  • 2. Great Service

    by: bigfld

    I did what every groomer dreads. I brought in a rescued german shepherd who needed some help. We had tried to get most of the undercoat off that was fluffing out, but he still needed some professional attention. It went like this - can you fit us in? \r\nIs he matted?\r\nNo, he's not matted, but there's still a bit of underfur that needs to be brushed out.\r\nIs he aggressive?\r\nNo idea... but we don't think so.\r\nWeight?\r\nAbout 85-95 pounds.\r\nHow long have you had him?\r\nA few hours.\r\nAll right, we'll see what we can do.\r\n\r\nThose poor people took in that dog without knowing how he'd react to a bath and nail trim and treated him like a king. He came out looking good, smelling good, and feeling like a million bucks.


    Flexible, capable, knowledgeable and patient


    Not any I saw

  • 3. Great animal-friendly facility!

    by: briarwood

    This facility offers to either groom your pet for you or you can use one of their stations and choose from their many products to groom the animal yourself! The prices are great, the staff is excellent, and the owner is very pet-friendly. (Not all groomers are!) They also offer some retail products for your convenience. We've had nothing but good experiences. After hearing horror stories of pugs being burned to death by hair dryers while crated, I was very reluctant to turn any dog over to a groomer. However, after seeing their facility and seeing how the dogs are always in view and care of the people, I was able to relax. The only time there has ever been a dog in the back room that I know of is the owner's dog and one dog who needed the quiet area because it was scared (and that was a dog I had brought in). They are good people with big hearts. And their hours are convenient for someone who works full time like I do.


    Nice facility, lots of options, have met all my needs


    none noted