Westminster Dog Park

1234 Pacific Avenue
Venice, CA 90291

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. ned more

    by: WiseWoman

    When we lived in California I met dog parks- and I was disgusted. they were tiny, smelled of urine and feces (though everyone picked up) and were dull and boring. My dog gained 14 lbs in a *year*. Think "small dog run". Sheesh. People, get it together. Animals deserve better.


    dog play



  • 2. My least favorite park in all of west LA

    by: funkiemunkee

    I would never go to this dog park again. It is small, and therefore all the grass has been totally eroded. So basically, it is a bare, dirty lot. To top it off, the cultural attitudes of the neighborhood sort of favor a really aggressive type of dog (lots of large/muscular guard and fighting breeds that have been selectively bred and trained for high aggression) and unfortunately many irresponsible owners. I would never bring my dogs here when I lived in Los Angeles because they were medium to small sized. I do not recommend using this park if you are concerned about your pet's health and safety.




    small, bare dirt or mud, tons of aggressive dogs