Westcreek Animal Clinic

3313 Park Lake Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76133

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Good people, but they try to sell you what you don't need

    by: holly06aggie

    As a cat owner of 14 years (I have 5 cats currently) as well as completing my B.S. in Animal Science, I am knowledgeable regarding cats. I have two major complaints: 1) Their prices are inflated, and they always charge an exam fee whether they actually do an exam or not. I don't believe reputable vets should charge this fee merely to be seen. The priority should be in the animal's well-being, NOT profits. And 2) They tried to push unnecessary products on me that even after I informed them I was knowledgeable about, they tried it again the next time I came in.\n\nFor example, I have only indoor cats. I have gotten each of my cats as kittens. You give them one, maybe two baths with orange Dawn and it kills all the fleas. You comb them with a flea comb to make sure, but the orange Dawn has always killed them on the first try. So then your pet is deflead and requires no further treatment, however every time I would go in, they would try to get me to buy flea control. That's only necessary when the animal either goes outside or is in close quarters with one or more animals that do, and neither is true for my cats. \n\nAnother example would be how they market Hill's Science Diet like it's the best food on the market and IT'S NOT. Any food that does not have a whole meat (not a by-product) as the primary (first) ingredient is not even good in a general sense, let alone the best. They recommend this food not because it's best for your pet, but because Hill's provides vast resources for vet schools nationwide. Now, to be fair, this certainly isn't the first or the last vet to do this, as many of them do. However what I am looking for in a vet is HONESTY. I want to know how to take the best care of my pet possible for the lowest price.\n\nAnd for a little added info, you want a food with a meat as the primary ingredient, that does NOT have a filler (any grain or wheat product, or corn) as one of the first two ingredients, and that does not have red or yellow dyes. In my opinion, the best foods are Purina One Natural Blends and IAMS Kitten or NutroMax Kitten.




    Overpriced; pushy in trying to sell things your pet doesn't need

  • 2. i love my vet!

    by: pjbrx

    we have been taking our dogs to Dr. Gumfory for 20+ years--he is fabulous!


    Dr. Gumfory



  • 3. A Vet Who Won't Rest

    by: bxerladi

    Dr. Paul Hendon has been my crew's vet for over five years. Through multiple surgeries and illnesses, he has always treated our pets with the utmost compassion. When my Boxer had a seizure, which turned out to be caused by a low functioning thyroid, Dr. Hendon called me after 8 p.m. (long after their office had closed) to give me the test results the same day. I now live thirty minutes away and have a lot of vets closer, but I still make the drive to keep Dr. Hendon my vet.


    Awesome office manager (Cheryl)! Dr. Paul Hendon returns calls quickly and compassioniately.


    Receptionists turn over often.