West fargo animal hospital

730 13th ave
West fargo, ND 58078

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  • 1. This vet clinic is a poor choice for pet care

    by: DebraMeow

    I have been in this clinic twice, and would rather never to have to set foot in that place again. The place stank of urine at the reception area, and the linoleum was old and curling up from all the pee that must have been placed on it. The vet techs were surly and not too bright. This clinic used to be owned by the consortia of vets who managed and staffed F-M Animal Hospital and Airport Animal Hospital. One of the vets bought at W. Fargo Animal Hospital bought the clinic from the other owners. I can only hope that this clinic is now better managed and better care is being provided than what one of my foster kittens received. One of my foster momma cats and her 5 kittens came from the pound housed in this clinic. When I went to pick the cat family up, I was surprised with the addition of another, much younger kitten who was not a littermate. This little kitten, Walter, was vaccinated way too early for feline distemper. It was obvious to me that he was not the same age as the other kittens who were 6 weeks old. This clinic didn't even bother to weigh Walter before giving him his vaccinations---whoever adminstered the vaccinations didn't weigh any of the cats. Five days later, Walter developed all the classic signs of feline distemper. He wouldn't eat, and he swayed over his food bowl like he was drunk. He could barely walk or sit up, and had poop that was white. Yes, white! I have never seen kitten poop that color in my life. He was close to death when I brought him to F-M Animal Hospital. I wasn't going to take him back to W. Fargo Animal Hospital! Walter did get vet care, and was in kitty ICU for almost a month. He had another relapse where he almost died 3 weeks later. He did survive, and is a fat and happy adult cat who is much loved by his new owner. He's already used of 2 of his 9 lives. If this had been my own personal cat and not a foster, I would have pursued a complaint with the ND state licensing board, and someone with the initials DVM after her name would have been held accountable for what happened to Walter, which was totally avoidable had that clinic realized he was probably 4-5 weeks old and not 6 weeks old, and shouldn't have been vaccinated. This was a very upsetting experience for me, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone else.


    Do have an associated pound in the same building where local rescue groups can get animals off death row.


    Smells of urine upon entry; this clinic almost killed my foster kitten Walter