West des moines animal shelter

P.o. box 65320
West des moines, IA 50265
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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. great

    by: amyeliza3

    They are wonderful and take in all kinds of pets. Like other places, wish they could care for more. Stop out and see them and the pets!


    great people


    wish they could take in more

  • 2. Good Homes

    by: livie20

    This shelter is the place to go if you live in Des Moines. They are all like a big family. Dogs, cats! They give you the most love! It was hard finding a stray and giving it to them, but I knew they would find a good home for her. And thats also where I got my dog Gizmo...she is the cutest dog ever, I cant believe no one else owned her??? Otherwise this is the place to go!


    Puppy Love!


    Seeing them so unhappy wanted to make me take them all...

  • 3. Great Shelter & Staff!

    by: tstandley12

    This is a great shelter. The staff is very friendly and helpful. When I was searching for a new pet, they made it very easy and comfortable. The facility is very clean. You can tell they care greatly for there animals.


    Very Clean and Very Friendly Staff


    Facility is alittle cramped

  • 4. Doing a good job on the west side

    by: lawrence7

    They were very helpful when I was searching for my stray cat... the staff member I talked to took down my information and assisted me further with my search.\n\nThank you


    Very helpful staff