Wells branch & south branch pet & bird clinics

12202 north mo pac expressway
Austin, TX 78758
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Great Vet

    by: glitta2000

    I have been going to this vet for the last 8.5 years and have been able to see Dr. Wadhwani. She knows my pets and knows all their special issues. I love the location (right off mopac) and love that they offer coupons in the mail and the chronicle. I believe they are very divers since I have seen a variety of animals while in the waiting room (snakes, turtles, birds) The staff are always friendly and they have early, late and weekend hours. I would highly recommend this vet to anyone


    Location hours drs. coupons



  • 2. Depends on what you need

    by: petsbypenny

    For people who have feral colonies or less than friendly cats, this vet came through for me in an emergency. They got me in fast and dealt with the situation efficiently. Some vets won't take a feral at all much less 5 minutes before closing. I have to give them an extra point for this alone. On the other hand, I agree with the other reviewer in some areas. The bleach smell is horrible. It makes me wonder if the clinic is up to date on the protocol for cleaning and disinfecting. More isn't better or safer for the staff or the animals. The clinic is in an old building and won't win any awards, but it seems adequate. The staff was rather short and not much compassion or support offered at least for my situation. I can't offer an opinion on the quality of medical care because I'm not a regular.


    Will accept feral cats and emergencies


    Smell, marginal customer service

  • 3. Free Vet Visit, We Walked Out

    by: jwaltri

    I got a free vet visit to this location when I rescued Katie a few years ago, and I could barely stand to sit in the main room. The smell of bleach mixed with urine and feces was horrible, and no other vet clinic I have visited has ever smelt so foul. The staff didn't greet me when I walked in, and it took forever for them to call us back. I had to wait even longer for the vet, and ended up walking out due to the smell and Katie's level of distress. We went to our vet and got the job done in 35 minutes with minimal stress on anyone.


    Connected to local adoption centers


    messy, smelly, low level of care