Wedgwood Animal Hospital

5201 Wonder Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76133

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  • 1. Great Vet and Staff

    by: WillowHannigan

    Dr. Lozzi is a nice doctor, very caring with my Elizabeth. He listens well and is concerned about what problems you are having. He does not order treatment that is unnecessary to "pad" the bill, in fact if you are on a budget, they will itemize your necessary charges and are kind enough to give you the prices of anything that was unknown prior to the first itemization. If that is confusing I have an example: Say you call and say that your pet has had its eye scratched by your cat. They will tell you what the initial visit will be, also they will tell you how much any tests that might be required will be, then when you get there, if there are any medication charges, they can tell you what you could get at the local pharmacy or what they have and how much what they have will cost. \r\n\r\nThe staff is very loving to you pets and take care of them with great concern and love. They talk to them to calm them down, they remember them and ask how they have been before today. They are knowledgable about different foods and medications that they sell in their office as well as different avenues to take when finding a bargain on the cost of some of those items. \r\n\r\nIn short, they are the staff and veteranarian that you want when looking for someone to care for your pet.


    Staff and doctors are friendly and caring


    not open after 5 weekdays or after 12 on saturday or at all on Sunday.