Wayport Kennels, Inc.

7657 N. State Hwy. 37
Bloomington, IN 47404

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Quality Care

    by: Merled

    Couldn't be much of a good pet care facility. My son had his 9 Pitt Bulls taken from him with no real evidence that they were abused and another known dog fighter had his 100 dogs taken at the same day. One of the workers is now sueing him because she got bit while doing something she was not trained to do or doing it improperty. A counter suit is planned aginst this Kimberly and the Wayport Kennels. Incidentally all 9 dogs of of my son's were signed over as he could not afford $90.00 per day for their care. To make a long story short Wayport Kennels had an equipment malfunction that Kimberly tried to fix with out supervision and scared a dog which in turn bit her. Her husband is also suing for lost services, we can only guess what that means. Another case of the rich man trying to starve out the poor man. My son's trial is in October in a different county as Orange County is known to be corrupt.





  • 2. Very happy with their service!

    by: goldenchild

    I picked up my four-legged canine son yesterday. I must say, I had never boarded my dog at any kennel, and was skeptical. However, I am very pleased with their attitudes, service and price. I called a few times before I dropped my dog off and received great information on the phone from both a lady and a man. When I arrived to drop him off, they were very professional, friendly and allowed me to view the kennel. Overall, I am very happy with their service. They even give you a "report card" on how your pet pooped, urined and ate their meals. Of course my dog could not wait to leave because it is a kennel, but I think they did a great job and would use them again if needed and definately recommend them to others that may need to board. They answered all my questions and spoke to me anytime I called and checked on him.


    Good price, professional, friendly


    can't think of one

  • 3. Wayport Kennels for boarding

    by: vmetzger

    For a traditional kennel, Wayport is keennel you can trust. The owner, Chuck Pate is a great guy and gret dog lover. But it is a traditional kennel, with cages and runs and you can request play time but other than that there isn't much interaction. I don't believe they have any doggie day care facilities.


    very nice staff


    traditional kennel

  • 4. As kennels go this one is good

    by: woodsus

    We have left our dog there three times. Although she doesn't want to go to a kennel I know she is safe. You can pay a bit extra for play times, which I do. It is very reasonable.


    Safe place to leave your dog


    It is still a kennel