Wayne animal shelter

187 dey rd.
Wayne, NJ 07470
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Was once private

    by: RichardK

    Was once a very nice privately run shelter. Now its under municipal control and have not heard anything good or bad lately.


    Was a wonderful small private shelter


    municipally controlled

  • 2. I love this place!

    by: lastnightilie

    Even though I haven't been to many, this is my favorite shelter. I would support it, but they get funding from the township of Wayne so I think others need the makeover more.\r\n\r\nIt's kind of a new shelter, so they are still getting organized, but it's already a great place for animals. They are treated very well, and I like the people who work there. They only kill animals if they have to (if the animal attacks someone or if it's too sick and in pain), not because they don't have enough room. They work really hard, and it seems like most of the staff works extra hours.\r\n\r\nI found out about it because my dad wanted to adopt a puppy. They didn't have any, but they were very nice and helpful anyway. I recently started volunteering there because it was the only one that welcomed teens (well, people under 18). I got to spend time with some of the cats and they are so great. I wish I could adopt, but my mom won't allow me to keep pets, and next year I'll be in college. But I really would recommend people to adopt from here.


    nice staff, nice animals, relatively well-kept


    not too much room

  • 3. Great Shelter & Volunteer Group

    by: Genevieve

    We adopted our dog Abby from this shelter 18 months ago. She was treated so kindly by the volunteers before we adopted her. FOWA is a dedicated group of individuals. My friends and relatives have also adopted cats and kittens from this shelter. They treat all animals with respect and love. My husband and I were so lucky to get a great dog like Abby.


    They really love the animals.


    Wayne should give them more space.