Watermelon mountain ranch

1512 deborah rd se #203 (mailing address only)
Rio rancho, NM 87124
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User Reviews (12)

  • 1. A place that really cares

    by: cw51191

    Watermelon Mountain Ranch has many loving and caring employees and volunteers. Nothing makes them happier than to see an animal get placed in a new safe home.


    They save many animals from euthanasia every year


    Unfortunately one place can not save all of them

  • 2. What a Great Organization!!

    by: FelineFriendly

    It has been my privilege to know and volunteer at times for this shelter. What wonderful people who dedicate themselves to help and care for and find homes for all these animals.


    Truly caring people


    They need more volunteers and more donations!

  • 3. ... yeah i like this place

    by: rawrrawrdevin

    i love how your a no kill animal shelter every animal deserves to live oh i got my dog sally from you guys





  • 4. I wouldnt work anywhere else!

    by: pitticupcakes

    I spent the whole weekend helping out at the Adopt-a-thon and I am so struck by the undying devotion and care Watermelon Mountain volunteers and workers show to their animals. Almost every dog had a volunteer in their kennel playing with them, talking to potential adopters, and seeing that the dog was a-ok! I dont know if I could find a better place in this world.


    Super helpful, happy happy dogs and cats, somewhat remote location so its not stressful for the pets, offers a ton of volunteer opportunities from your average feeding and walking routines.


    We dont have enough money to save all the animals we want to, and donations are to few to build a new cottage or cattery.

  • 5. Great People

    by: LaurieLStewart

    Went to Holiday Adopt-a-thon. Sad there are so many but great they are trying.


    All Dogs seem healthy


    Too Many

  • 6. good people still do exist

    by: wmrspokesboy

    iv been with WMR for about 7 years and iv seen it grow a lot. it gives me a warm feeling in my heart to know that im making a difference in somebodies life, and an animals life. i hope to with them many more years to see it grow even more.


    saves animals lives for as long as they live untile they find a home.


    very short on money so its very hard to work under some conditions

  • 7. Beyond a Shelter

    by: Mamabear46

    Watermelon Mountain Ranch provides more than shelter services. In September of 2004, we had to move due to a major sewage leak which really messed upthe rental house and which the landlord refused to remedy. We needed to find a place to stay for a month while the place we found to move to was being repaired and fixed up. We are senior citizens on a limited income, so couldn't afford a boarding kennel for that length of time. We couldn't find a hotel or motel that would take our dogs along with us. We asked if Watermelon Mountain Ranch could help. They had no room for short term boarding, but they arranged boarding for our dogs at a kennel for a much reduced rate that we could afford. They will forever have our gratitude.


    Very dedicated staff.


    Needs to be bigger.

  • 8. How Watermelon Mountain Ranch is changing the world, one pet at a time...

    by: VanessaAlexander

    Although a visit to an animal shelter is usually an experience that tugs at one's heartstrings, a trip to Watermelon Mountain Ranch is a very different experience! At other shelters one is overwhelmed by the noise, the smells, the sense of fear and dread that the animals exude, cowering in the back of their cages and pens... here the premise of this no-kill shelter is to rehabilitate, socialize, and finally, adopt to "forever" homes by assisting families with knowledge of each animal as an individual. The Staff work constantly with all the animals available for adoption: socializing, obedience training, and ensuring an excercise and play routine... when you walk through the shelter you're greeted with excited, happy animals who all have an aura of hope. Each one is honestly assessed for suitability with other pets, children, and type of activity. Families are encouraged to to adopt a new member, not just a pet, who will enhance their lives. \r\n Since many of the animals are also fostered by wonderful volunteers, the transition to a new family is generally a great experience: they are obedience trained, socialized at many of the Ranch's adoption clinics, get along well with other pets, and as an added bonus, a family can see their new friend "in action"- playing with other families and pets. So many times we've heard stories of a pet being adopted from a pound, brought home and subsequently a tragedy occurs when the family cat or even a child is harmed because of the lack of socialization and a lazy adoption process. \r\n You will also see Watermelon Mountain Ranch hosting adoption clinics around the beautiful city of Albuquerque, welcoming other shelters and even assisting animal controls in other areas of the state by giving them a place to bring wonderful animals suitable for adoption that wouldn't have the same chance somewhere else. So many times I have gone to an Adoption hosted by the Ranch, and met wonderful, caring folks from cities several hours away who brought great pets to this area to have a chance at adoption... and what a great feeling to see a family adopt a new member who was brought from an area that was hundreds of miles away! One can truly get a glimpse of fate and go home with a good feeling in their heart. I know I have one,... Clever, a member of my family and a great friend, was found starved, beaten and wandering the country roads of a small town as a puppy 5 hours north of where I sit now. If not for Watermelon Mountain Ranch this amazing dog would not be touching the lives of the hundreds of school children she meets as part of The Kasey Says Program. A little brown dog with no identifiable breed or heritage is changing the lives of the children she works with, teaching them about friendship, bullying, and even about being a better friend. From rags to riches, she is the epitome of loyalty and love and sets an example for us all... Even when the puppy in her snags my sock and runs triumphant through the house, making me give chase and scold her for making me run late,... and then she cocks her head, smiles in that way that only a happy dog can, and her eyes laugh, as if to say "You just KNOW I'll do it again as soon as you aren't looking!" And then the chase begins again. \r\n\r\nThank you Watermelon Mountain Ranch. \r\n


    Excellent selection of wonderful pets


    Website can sometimes be a little unruly

  • 9. Great Shelter Great People

    by: AuntieEmKnits

    The last time I was out here the animals were very happy. I really liked the way the staff was so attentive to their needs. These guys are loved and played with constantly. I didn't see any animals in cages! The dogs were placed in groups in the canine cottage and with actual trainers.\n\nI also love the fact that every dog adoption comes with five weeks of free obedience training. This makes a huge difference in the lives of these great pets.


    Free Roaming Cattery


    Needs more resources

  • 10. These guys are great--I'm one of them

    by: NightDoodle

    This place is great. My mom and dad and i got a cat and he's great. I volunteer here a lot to help get animals adopted and to raise money to find more animals homes. Come see us and help us win the zootoo makeover!


    Lot's of great volunteers


    I wish there were more of us

  • 11. Watermelon Mt Ranch rocks!!!

    by: zootooth

    Though they don't have a lot of resources, they seem to be able to get a heck of a lot done! They don't euthanize animals--so that is very important to me. I most-definitely recommend them to anyone needing adopt a cute animal! They need our help!


    Friendly, intelligent people work there


    needs better coffee

  • 12. A truly unique shelter in the land of enchantment

    by: mhowlanddavis

    Watermelon Mountain Ranch offers a clear difference in animal shelter and rescue options. Located on 10 acres in Rio Rancho, NM, it is the largest no-kill shelter in the state and is one of the largest shelters period. It serves north and central New Mexico and has recently entered into a public/private partnership with the city of Albuquerque to reduce the euthanasia rate at the city shelters. The ranch also offers a clear difference pet adoptions--there are no scared animals in cages. The dogs, cats, pigs and rabbits are cared for 24 hours a day seven days a week. Furthermore the ranch employs two of the best canine behaviorists in the state to provide obedience training for every dog adoption. Check out the stories about Watermelon Mountain Ranch on zootoo.com's animal news section. for more information about the ranch call 771-0140.


    This is the largest no-kill shelter in New Mexico


    It could use expanded facilities