Washington county-johnson city animal control center

525 sells ave. johnson city
Johnson city, TN 37604
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User Reviews (19)

  • 1. Exceptional Shelter in a Challenging Area

    by: PetWear

    The folks at JC/Washington County are always on the lookout for ways to be more effective, more knowledgable, and better at what they do. They have completely revolutionized animal welfare in our community. They keep the shelter in front of people through loads of events, PR, fundraising (traditional and innovative) and exposure in local media outlets (TV, radio and newspapers). Lots of shelters could learn from them. Their screening process is thorough but not unduly lengthy and they follow up with those that adopt. When you consider the status of shelters in the immediate area of similarly sized towns/counties and smaller - it's remarkable what they have accomplished given the attitudes of local people/politicians about animals. I remember the challenges that faced the Humane Society when they approached the county for pet licensing. County administrators argued that they would eventually want farmers to license cattle and used that as a reason to vote against it. Finally though, passage of the regulations allowed for the funding of the building of this facility (and moving from the deplorable building behind the water treatment facility in an isolated area) and other resources. The staff and volunteers have taken full advantage of it all and deserve huge accolades and all the support we can offer.


    was a challenge getting this great shelter built here and the staff and volunteers know that; knowledgable; hardworking; dedicated to the animals and educating the local community


    you won't be allowed to leave without some education at least!

  • 2. Best source for bets

    by: captainstardust

    I adopted Huckleberry from the Washington County shelter a year and a half ago. He was trapped at 2 or 3 weeks old and fostered by a staff member, Judy Castleberry. She brings animals to the Johnson City PetSmart nearly every day of the week, and I went there regularly looking for just the *right* cat (having recently lost the greatest cat in the world, Tobey). After I visited a half dozen times or more, she said "Maybe you'd like my foster kitten," a Russian Blue who had just reached eight weeks and was finally ready to see the public. She was VERY careful and selective about finding the right home for him, which i respect tremendously, and it turned out to be a perfect match.\n\nThese shelter staff really care about the animals they are placing, and they take the time to try to get to know potential adopters in order to assess whether they are really able to give a pet an appropriate home. I recommend it as a source for anyone looking to adopt. I aslo heartily encourage everyone to donate any time, money or supplies possible to help them out, because they are underfunded and always in need of more assistance.


    Daily presence at PetSmart to increase adoptions


    Too small, too crowded -- they NEED the makeover!

  • 3. Great Shelter...

    by: DivineComedy

    I would encourage everyone to get involved with shelters, rescues and doing whatever they can even if it's only helping at the occasional offsite adoption and/or fundraising event. Awareness and education are the most effective tools we have at present.\r\n\r\nThis shelter has come a LONG way in 20 years from the first time I volunteered at the JC Shelter and the folks here deserve kudos for that. The animals are well cared for and the adoption process is thorough and reasonable. Adoption fees aren't going to break the bank either...so it makes it easy for everyone to help a homeless animal.


    Caring, animals are well cared for and adoption process is thorough, support after adoption is very good


    it's a kill shelter... they sure work hard to make sure they won't be forever though

  • 4. Great shelter, wonderful, caring people. SEND THEM MONEY! They need money, more space, and any help you can give them!

    by: BKS

    10 out of 10


    Everything and everyone involved.



  • 5. An Animal Shelter with A Heart

    by: sweetporttn

    I have been to this location multiple times. In fact this is where I adopted my cat Sassy. The people there are always friendly. The actual encourage people to come and help or just to come and pet an animal.


    In a good location. Wonderful employees.


    Small location.

  • 6. It a nice place to get animals from. I got my cat from there 16 years ago.

    by: kniter43

    It a good place to get animals from.\r\nWe got my first cat from there.\r\nShe know longer with us.


    It was very clean .


    I didn't see anything wrong.

  • 7. Great Shelter___ Needs alot more space

    by: Kat7

    This is the only place that I have ever adopted my animals. I love the shelter. I wish I could take all the animals home with me. This shelter needs alot more space. So come one guys, Lets give this shelter a makeover!!!!


    Everyone there is always willing to help and concerned about the animals


    space too small. Needs a larger shelter

  • 8. Great Shelter!

    by: ztT4MP58188153

    The shelter is featured on the local news every week, where home viewers can see pets available for adoption. I wish I could take them all home myself! This shelter does well, but could certainly benefit from a makeover.


    Caring staff, clean building


    Not big enough facility.

  • 9. Great job

    by: toppermomx2

    We always find the shelter in good shape. It is always clean and the animals are well taken care of. My hats off to the hard workers there!


    Clean, organized, knowledgable


    having to have a shelter is the bad thing. in a perfect world they would not be needed.

  • 10. Johnson City Animal Shelter

    by: erinmm72

    This is a great and very busy animal shelter. The staff is really nice and caring and helpful. People come in and drop off pets and found animals and people can adopt pets also. There is a nice walking trail outside the shelter - which I am sure is well used.


    Very caring and efficient staff


    Small facility - yet seems to be run well.

  • 11. Great shelter... but running out of space!

    by: angel793086

    This is a really great shelter. My family takes donations of blankets and stuff to them often. They had to build outdoor kennels to house the many dogs they have. The workers are very helpful and the animals we have gotten from there are precious!


    Friendly staff


    Running out of space!

  • 12. awesome

    by: babygurl6379

    This shelter is the only place I ever adopt from. It has a great environment and it really needs to win this makeover.


    clean, staff was very helpful


    too small for all the animals in this area

  • 13. Johnson County Animal Shelter

    by: cmhoward50

    Although a public facilty where PTS must sometimes be done, the Johnson City Animal Shelter works hard to find good homes for any animal which comes its care.


    The shleter and staff are committed to placing as many pettable animals as they possibly can.


    The shelter is a publicly funded animal control facility whos primary function is public health and safety, so that mission must come first.


    by: dxndmom

    Everyone that is involved with the JCAnimal Shelter can be described by one word.....what's that? ANGELS!!!!! Simply Angles!!!!!\r\nThey do what they do out of the love in their hearts and the passion in their souls for finding a better place for all of the unwanted animals in the area. They have such meager recources that it's pathetic, yet they have the cleanest shelter and animals I've ever seen! My niece & I try to make it out there a couple times a month to see the animals, spread some love (leave a little green in their donation box) and help friends find the loves of their lives.\r\nDONATE & ADOPT!!!!


    Amazing people!!!!!


    Bldg. is OLD & too SMALL!

  • 15. Amazing

    by: heartsneedabeat

    The only place I get my pets from. Volunteers run the place, very friendly people, great environment.


    Knowlegable, friendly staff


    Too small

  • 16. Debbie Dobbs~WJHL interview

    by: ztT4MP28530757

    I am outraged at Debbie Dobbs ignorant comments on the news, where did she get her facts? I have a four year old pit bull, "Sophie", who is a beloved member of our family along with our four children, she shares our bed, welcomes company, and is the best friend anyone could ask for. I believe Debbie Dobbs is a disgrace to our community, how could we employee someone with such unfounded beliefs and then express them on public television? I would think you should have a love for all animals to work at a shelter. I will no longer raise funds for the shelter or support it in any way, my services will be dedicated to "BSL" oppositions and saving the pit bull breed. I think our community deserves an animal lover as its spokespeson, she needs a new job and she is the one that needs to be "muzzled" in public! \r\n


    No opionion


    Debbie Dobbs

  • 17. Great Shelter

    by: featherheads

    I can and do recommend this facility for anyone looking for a dog or cat at any time. The people here really care about the animals, and are always willing to do anything they can to help the animals. Adopt a dog or cat here, it's the right way to do it.


    The staff works very hard and obviously cares deeply for all the animals.


    The facility is too small and really needs to be updated.

  • 18. A wonderful Shelter

    by: NickieDo

    I also agree that this is a wonderful shelter, the best in our area. I live in Kingsport and will drive the 25 minutes to go to the JC shelter rather than the ones that are closer simply because I think they are a better shelter. They deserve the makeover!!


    too much good to list!


    Its too small to handle JC's pet overpopulation issue :(

  • 19. A shelter that really cares about the animals

    by: jdmartin

    The volunteers at this place work their butts off. The shelter's just too small for a city the size of Johnson City, so let's work to try to get them a makeover!


    They do a good job for the city


    Need more space