Washington county animal services & bonnie l. hays small animal shelter

1901 se 24th avenue
Hillsboro, OR 97123
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User Reviews (5)

  • 1. From a Bonnie Hays Volunteer

    by: Dolliesontherun

    Bonnie Hays is a great shelter. I have had a great time volunteering. The staff is friendly, and informative.


    Bonnie Hays has the open paw program


    The Adoption Area is only open until 5:30P.M.

  • 2. Very careing

    by: langsford

    Each time I have gone there they have had a full crew and the pet cages are clean, there is clean water available. \nThe pets are treated humanly. They try hard to adopt out their pets. They do have strict guidelines when allowing animals to be adopted, I like that. \nThey put up a Tree at Christmas so people can donate food, clothing, blankets for the pets.


    Close, provides great care, tries hard to Adopt


    no a no kill shelter

  • 3. nice staff

    by: KatRas

    years ago I adopted a puppy from this shelter. nice people and the animals all seemed well treated.


    nice shelter



  • 4. Great Shelter!

    by: Jayknee

    Hey, all. I worked at Bonnie Hays for several years and loved every minute of it. The animals there are cared for to the very best of the staff's capability and every effort is made to find an original owner, if an animal is lost. This is where I learnt to love pit bulls...so many wound up in our care who are big marshmallows. Again, I can't say enough about the staff. The comfort of the animals is paramount.


    Caring staff


    County shelter

  • 5. A dedicated county shelter

    by: brownjudy

    Bonnie Hays does a wonderful service to their community. They take in stray animals and a dedicated staff cares greatly about the welfare of these animals.\n\nThey partner with other shelters to help find homes for strays.


    Helping the community


    Need more staff