Washington Boulevard Animal Hospital

12116 Washington Blvd
Whittier, CA 90606

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. I love this place

    by: jnmeister

    There are several vets available almost all the time. Almost always there is an available doctor who specializes in your kind of pet. The staff is really supportive when you are worried about your animal and they treat all the animals really patiently and kindly. I love that they have clinic hours for shots only, when you can walk in for just shots and just pay for the shots. Even though you just see a technician, the technician knows enough to redirect you if they notice a major problem. Prices seem reasonable, though I don't have a lot to compare with. My favorite vet retired, but when she was there she would pick up my cat and hug her before she even started the exam. They were really supportive when they had to euthanize one of my favorite cats.


    Always helpful, knowledgeable, available



  • 2. Excellent care

    by: Mortis105

    My cat Mookie developed congestive heart trouble several years ago, and Dr. Camacho couldn't have been better with her. Ultimately her condition was too advanced to cure. I got a personal condolence call from Dr. Camacho as well as a card from the office--very sweet. I would recommend this office to any petowner.


    Close to home, good staff


    Sometimes expensive

  • 3. We Love Washington Blvd Animal Hospital

    by: jzolnekoff

    They sent us a lovely sympathy card when a neighborhood dog killed our cat. I cried!! They take good care of our dog Lush & the other clients loved Lush's pink toe nails!


    Great Staff!!


    nothing bad to say about this place!!