Washington Animal Clinic

449 Washington Rd
Washington, PA 15301

User Reviews (6)

  • 1. Recommend to anyone

    by: Beeju

    I've had experience with a few groomers an some I wouldn't go back-or recommend but Washington Groomers(Connie & staff) are great, they really take time with your pet and will give hair cut any way you like,if for some reason you're not satisfied they will try hard to fix it next time. \r\n i've never had a problem there an I take 2 sometimes 3 dogs twice a year an am well satisfied.\r\nCall an leave message an Connie will return your call, even has Sunday appointments or whatever is conveint for you.


    very caring staff,knowledgeable on grooming of all dogs.


    leave message-may take couple days for return call.

  • 2. Wonderful Groomers

    by: enve1166

    I used to take my old dogie here when she was still alive. She loved visiting and enjoyed the other dogs. It's just scary b/c it's so close to a main road. I was always afraid that the animals would get loose on their way in and get run over.


    Helpful, Nice



  • 3. All kinds of animals

    by: taradraven

    This vet takes all kinds of animals. My mom has a pet turtle that was sick last two years ago. This was the only vet that treats reptiles.


    Takes all kinds of animals



  • 4. I'd never take my pet here again

    by: lbrodnick

    My dog had his leg caught in a door, and it caused him to have a limp for a few days. I was concerned so I took him to this vet. They told me that he should have surgery right away (costing over $3000). We took him home and worked on his leg doing a little "doggie physical therapy" and within a week he was his happy self again.\n\nA second store is about a friend of mine. She had a cat that was well over 15 years old. The cat had some kind of bladder issue. The vets recommend some expensive surgery costing over $1000. She opted to have the surgery for the cat. They worked out a payment deal. As soon as the surgery was over they wanted a hugh payment. To top it off, the surgery didn't fix the cat's issue.\n\nI'd not recommend this place to anyone unless they want to spends tons of money for unnecessary procedures.




    Recommend expensive unnecessary procedures

  • 5. Disappointing

    by: JanE268

    Very disappointing doctors, do not seem to have a great sincereily for the pets, more for the procedures, and definitely not for the owners. Borders on rude. Family member lost a dog there with no explanation of why. Actually brought her to be released and quickly swooped it into a blanket after tech realized upon time of handing it over that she was not breathing. That can happen was the only explanantion. Not sure if their diagnostics is the best. Or judgement. Debarked a minpin who later died from complications of the surgery. Very scary place for treatment of animals.


    on major highway - location


    Poor bedside manner

  • 6. Great Care for your Pets

    by: Kittyloo22

    The staff at the Washington Animal Hospital was very kind and gentle in handling our cat and was also very knowledgeable about various conditions that she was facing. They were honest about the types of treatments that we could choose from and what they felt would be best for our animal and didn't just choose the most expensive procedure, but the procedure that would be most beneficial to our cat. Although the hospital was very busy at times and we had to wait for quite awhile, the care are kind treatment that our pet received was worth it.


    Clean, Caring, Considerate, Knowledgeable