Washburn county area humane society

1400 cottonwood
Spooner, WI 54801
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User Reviews (6)

  • 1. Caring!!

    by: agonske

    Reasonably priced for adopting a cat since they are able to spay/neuter animals on site.


    Able to spay/neuter on site


    Too many cute animals to choose from

  • 2. Great place

    by: CrazyCatLady4Life

    The WCHS is a benefit to the community in that they offer the SNAP program. Spay, Neuter All Pets. They provide a service to those in the community that cannot afford to have their pets fixed. Thanks


    SNAP program


    Not sure of any

  • 3. Visited once

    by: MrsRLT

    I have visited this shelter one time when we found a stray. It was very clean and the staff friendly. They had opportunities for people to volunteer and fundraisers going on. They had a nice newsletter. I have often called them when we find stray animals to see if anyone has reported a missing animal. They have been very helpful.


    very helpful and friendly



  • 4. Penny and Staff are wonderful managers of a deserving shelter. Such care is taken to match the right critter with the right family. I give this shelter AAAAA+++++

    by: ztT4MP37798377

    This shelter is little and deserves so much funding. Surrendered Animals are matched with the right new home situation. The love and attention the critters get is fabulous. The staff work on a shoe stirng budget and yet are a large presence in the community.\r\n\r\nThey deserve lots of applause and donations..


    Clean and Caring staff, Critter rescues are handled with love and attention to health and wellfare


    There are none !

  • 5. volunteering

    by: jilmar

    I volunteer here because I'm made to feel welcome and I feel the animals need me. My walking\\playing\\training them gives them a break in their daily routine. Even if I can't take them for a walk 'cause of the weather I can sit & play or just groom them. I've been doing this for over a year now and still I get a thrill when I walk near the kennels & the dogs recognize my voice & raise the roof! The cats and yes, even the guinea pigs call to me too! I help however I can i.e. folding laundry, cleaning kennels, washing dishes, taking animals to the vet or just taking pictures. But walking the dogs comes first with me.


    We try not to turn anyone away.


    So many animals in need & so little money.

  • 6. volunteering & fostering

    by: MammaT

    I have fostered dogs for the WCAHS for about 3 years. Having been an EMT with medical background, I take the most ill, injured, post-surgical, and beaten down abused dogs and rehabilitate them. The shelter is VERY supportive of my work. They go above and beyond to find every animal the best placement. They, as well as I, do a lot in the way of community education. It is always clean and the staff is friendly and professional. We take in more animals each year and NEED a bigger facility to accommodate the growing number of unwanted animals.\nWe strive to turn no animal away and no animal has a time limit. I believe this Humane Society does an EXCELLENT job with the small facility and the amount of money they have to work with!!


    This shelter trys EXTREMELY hard to euthanize as few animals as possible!


    This shelter is donation based and could use more help