Warren township of--dog warden

75 stirling rd
Warren, NJ
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Operate on an as needed basis

    by: BuilderBob

    Animal control is done by the police calling Roxdane Kennel. Luckily there is not a great need for this service but the folks at Roxdane are very good at reunited pets and their owners.


    Not needed often



  • 2. Reunited

    by: DDRau

    While my experience with my town's animal control service is minimal, I was very happy to learn that I dog I found on this street this summer was reunited with its owner the next day. On may way to work a cute mixed breed dog was running down the middle of the street in Warren. Not recognizing it as belonging to any of my neighbors, I stopped in traffic and as many dogs love to do, she jumped into my car. No tags of course. Drove her to her to the police station where they are set up with a large crate and water bowl for holding until Roxdane send someone to pick up the pet. Later that day I called Roxdane & she had not been reclaimed. They assured me that even if the dog was not reclaimed, they work with rescue and as it was quite a nice dog it should be no problem placing her. To my great relief, a call the next day resulted in finding out she had been identified by her owner. The dog had been recently adopted but chose to run away from her new owners. Lesson: be very careful with fences and open doors when you bring a new dog home and get identity tags on ASAP.


    Happy Ending


    none that I know of