Warren animal shelter

80 wood st (physical address) 1 joyce st (mailing address)
Warren, RI 02885
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. helpfulness

    by: kmswildcat

    each time i visit the Warren Animal Shelter it is a confinied space. with a approx. 20ft. storage shed outside to hold supplies all you can do is feel sorry for them. this shelter is next to a dance studio which means there is also limited parking space. after talking with ACO Garrity i have learned that while doing their best at the shelter to keep everything organized, they are also trying to find space for everything. with three small play yards, kennels, and a cat room not to mention a very small office the shelter is very cramped. If the shelter were to take in rabbits or birds they would have to share the office,kennel or cat room with other occupince. holding knowledge of basically everything feline, canine and animal shelter i believe ACO Garrity and the Warren Animal Shelter desirve the make over.


    aco garrity knows what she is doing


    really needs a make over

  • 2. desperatly seeking makeover

    by: thayerll

    from what i have heard i feel that this shelter is in great need of a makeover...\r\nwith this i believe that all animals from all kinds will provide from thier never environment when waiting for someone to give them a new home....\r\n right now the atmosphere is not that great,but i find that the animals that are sheltered there are made as comfortable as possible and tended to with great care by Heather the zoo/shelter keeper..\r\n would be really great to see a dream happen for these animals in need....


    this place has alot of potentials


    needs alot of work