Wamego city animal shelter

18200 valley rd.
Wamego, KS 66547

User Reviews (12)

  • 1. Nice place to visit but ........

    by: alanalea

    This place is a nice home for the animals but in the extreme heat of summer and the cold of winter, the volunteers are who shine. We are experiencing this finger and mind numbing ice storm that has brought the small town of Wamego to it's knees but yet the dogs must be walked. The kennel gates and the whole outside fence is covered with ice but the muddy ground is just slushy so you get to walk on slushy/slippery ice but yet not so solid that it doesn't get you all messy, and the paws messy right before they jump on you! Very miserable getting there but then the wagging tail reminds you of why you are there!


    The volunteers


    The kennels are outside

  • 2. PCHS

    by: Lacee53

    That PCHS there is many people how loves us, because what we do. We love the dogs there. People are friendly, caring, and pleasing to the dogs and other people around us.


    Great Place



  • 3. great shelter

    by: bmcewen

    The volunteers at this society are wonderful but the place is miserable. It is located within a sewage treatment plant and adjacent to a yard waste dump that is frequently burned.


    staff great


    crappy location

  • 4. great people, crappy location

    by: cpaukert

    This place is staffed by dedicated volunteers but is in very crappy location!





  • 5. Doing the best with what you haveWi

    by: dogranch

    The Wamego City Animal Shelter is located adjacent to a sewage treatment plant and landfill. In the summer the stench from the treatment plant can be overwhelming and in the fall the city burns the rubbish piles so that there is nearly a constant plume of smoke blowing through the kennels. They really need a new location.\n\nWithout the dedication and efforts of the volunteers this would be a miserable place. They take care of the dogs making sure they get long walks, fresh water, and are fed well. When an animal is sick, they take the extra time needed to attend to its needs. Although the facilities are still less than ideal, the volunteers have made many improvements to make the dogs more comfortable.


    caring and dedicated volunteers


    crappy location

  • 6. Caring Hearts says it all

    by: chager

    I recently moved to the area from a city much larger than Wamego. I volunteered at the shelter in that city which was always clean, the dogs were in their own kennels which each had running water and a drain to send waste down. This shelter also had room to care for cats.\r\nComing to the Wamego shelter, the facilities may not be much to look at, but the hearts of the volunteers and sponsors beat out the shelter I used to volunteer for 10 fold. I've never seen such a large group of people come together and care for the animals in not only their town, but the communities nearby. I was amazed to learn that this group does rescues all around the area and has adopted out to other states.\r\nPlease help this wonderful shelter continue to grow and keep doing what they have already shown they do best, save man's best friend.


    Great people


    Not enough space

  • 7. Great foster family!

    by: grayciemom

    I adopted a senior Weimaraner from PCHS, foster parents Preston and Anna. What a wonderful family for your shelter to have as foster parents! Savannah (formerly Towanda) was a lucky girl to spend her foster time with Preston and Anna.\r\n\r\nGood luck in your efforts toward a new shelter. I will continue to support PCHS and ask others to support as well.\r\n\r\nSarah and Savannah


    Fantastic Foster Parents!



  • 8. The best of a bad situation

    by: nooker

    The people are wonderful. They will go out of their way to answer your questions. They are active in the community and are always seeking new ways to raise funds and increase the awareness of the shelter. The facilities are outdoors, so the unpredictable Kansas weather always has volunteers seeking new and innovative ways to keep the animals happy and healthy.


    great people


    better facilities needed

  • 9. Wamego City Shelter is a haven for homeless dogs

    by: jappino

    The volunteers with the Pottawatomie County Caring Hearts Humane Society provide a haven for the abandoned dogs in Pottawatomie County. They have made a shelter out of what was once a City Pound but need help to create a facility that will house more dogs and provide a warm place for them in the winter.


    loving and compassionate volunteers, clean facility


    near a burn site, in need of a new shelter

  • 10. Great Workers, Great Care, Facility is Awful

    by: gojo431

    All the staff and volunteers do a wonderful job. They have placed hundreds of animals into forever homes. \r\n\r\nA few years back a couple of members discovered this facility owned by the city. It is the city dog pound. Few people knew of it. It is hidden. Just a cinder block lean to attached to the City Waste Water Treatment Plant. Between the stench of the water and the smoke of the burning rubbish, one hardly notices the eight kennels. So for years these dogs were held 10 days before the city killed them. The city never advertised these dogs nor listed them in the classifieds as lost dogs. No, they just waited 10 days then killed them. So these members, back then non-members for PCHS didn't exsist, asked the city if they could try saving these dogs. The city agreed for it saved them tons in euthanization fees. Since then the non-profit organization Pottawatomie County Caring Hearts Humane Society, commonly called Pottawatomie County Humane Society, PCHS, has saved every dog from sure death.\r\n\r\nThe kennels are still exposed to the elements and the water dishes freeze in the winter and the kennels can warm up to well over a 100 degrees in the summer. The dogs are walked and cared for twice a day. Adoptions events take place 2 or 3 times a month and foster homes are established. This group of folks are doing the best they can do with what they have.\r\n\r\nPCHS needs to win this makeover. PCHS needs new grounds and facility separate from the city.


    Lots of dedication


    Facility is awful

  • 11. Heart and Helping Hands

    by: PrairieAnna

    Everyone involved from the volunteers to the kennel cleaners to the foster parents provides dedicated, tender loving care to all the animals that pass through the shelter's gates. There is so much effort and concern for the animals’ welfare and comfort in a little shelter that is exposed to harsh, Midwest weather elements, the horrible smell of the waste water treatment plant where it is located, and the smoke from the burning rubbish piles next to it. This is a no-kill shelter. A makeover with new land and a new facility is so needed for PCHS.


    Excellent care for every animal


    Exposed to weather elements

  • 12. Sad little shelter

    by: jcooper

    I think the Pott Co HS volunteers do a great job at this all-outdoor shelter, trying to make the best out of meager resources. The dogs are all cared for, loved, walked, receive individualized attention, veterinary care, high quality food, etc. I've never met a group of people who care more about saving each dog that comes into their care than this group. They have not euthanized a single dog since they took over the Wamego Shelter from the city in 2005. The shelter itself is in dire need of a makeover! They need indoor kennels, better access to water, electricity, etc. You know-- the kind of stuff that many shelters across the nation take for granted.


    Awesome volunteers, great food


    Completely outdoors, horrible smell from waste water plant