Walter crowe animal shelter

460 fair street
Camden, SC 29020

User Reviews (13)

  • 1. Facility should be investigated

    by: shayla10

    I adopted a puppy there on a Friday and the following Tuesday I had to put him into the hospital. He ending up passing away that Thursday due to Parvo. The director and several board members that I spoke to had no sympathy whatsoever and were even rude to me. They wanted to force another puppy on me eventhough I already had a dog at home and did not feel comfortable risking bringing home another sick dog from their facility. Due to the extreme contagious nature of Parvo it is very likely that many of their puppies had been affected. I hope that they are investigated because they are doing more harm than good by spreading disease.


    The front staff are friendly


    They are known for selling sick animals.

  • 2. Great Shelter!

    by: aac0722

    I think that the shelter needs a makeover! It needs more space and things like that.


    Clean, Caring Staff


    Not a whole lot of room...

  • 3. help the animals

    by: criddle

    its not as good as it could be


    the staff care about the animals some


    its dirty alot af animals have to be put to sleep its not big enough dirty no room for animals

  • 4. Doobie

    by: doobiedoo29032

    The Walter Crowe Animal Shelter is small and most of the time overcrowded...We go at least a few times a month just so that we can show the unwanted animals some love and human contact...I would love to see this shelter become a No Kill Shelter....


    friendly Staff


    Killings of unwanted animals

  • 5. There when you need them...

    by: JanLouE

    This shelter has helped me and my husband find homes for countlesss animals who would have otherwised starved to death wandering the countryside. Every time we have to surrender animals to the Walter M. Crowe shelter the staff have always been very courteous and knowledgeable, and we were never treated with any disrespect. They helped place animals for us to good homes and when I adopted a Dalmation for my daughters birthday they were so kind to all of us. We always try to help out when surrendering an animal by giving a monetary donation but we know that can only go so far. \r\nThank you all for always being there and we hope you continue. It really means a lot.


    This is only place to go when you have strays.


    The shelter does need upgrading.

  • 6. Kershaw Co. caring hearts

    by: Catmeows

    Upon each visit I've made to the Walter Crowe Animal Shelter I have always been greeted by a person(s) with a caring smile on their face. Always willing to help me with whatever my circumstance was whether it was looking for my lost cat or hoping to help place a stray or litter with a home.


    Loving hearts and open arms


    Need more room for animals

  • 7. full of animals and love

    by: littledeb01

    Walter Crowe really love the animals and do their very best to care for all the animals but they are just not big enough and their facility is very outdated and needs an upgrade.


    Walter Crowe really love the animals. Even through they are overcrowded and small.


    They have so many animals & their facility is running over and so out dated.

  • 8. caring shelter

    by: stolcher

    I have adopted two cats from here and spent time in the shelter, holding kittens and trying to just give them some human contact. the people here are very overworked and needy. They need more room, more funding and less animals to care for. The only problem I have had is that both of my kittens have feline herpes and came to me infected. I was not informed that they were sick until it was too late. That is a problem.


    wonderful, caring group including volunteers


    too crowded, very old facility

  • 9. my experience

    by: tamimok

    as a novice pet owner, i went to the shelter to adopt a kitten and puppy. i had alot of questions about which animal to choose because i have 3 small children. questions related to the adoption system and general health/vaccination/deworming questions about the animals. i had the most difficult time getting someone to help me, then when i did get answers they were conflicting. which only made me more apprehensive. in fact, i even had to help out when 3 cats and a dog got into a fight, i couldn't find anyone to help me and ended up getting scratched on my leg! the building is falling apart, and both animals i ended up adopting were sick, the kitten died 2 days after adoption. i am heartbroken, as are my children. but i still feel sorry for all the animals that are at this overcrowded, disorganized, dirty, falling apart shelter. this shelter needs help, and the animals need to get out!


    easy screening process


    see review for details

  • 10. Fantastic people and animals

    by: ansander

    My family has rescued many dogs from this shelter and they have all been fantastic additions to our family. I have also volunteered there a lot and there are no better people to have working at a shelter. I only wish that there were more funds available to expand and work on the building. Since it's the only shelter in Kershaw county, it is overrun with dogs and cats at all times during the year.


    wonderful staff


    old building, no help from the government, not enough funds

  • 11. Kershaw County Cares

    by: FlorenceGayle

    I have been adopting animals and volunteering at the Walter M. Crowe Animal Shelter since 2001 when I moved to Camden, SC. Though the facility is old and small, it is always clean and the animals are always well cared for. The staff has a tremendous job since there are no other facilities for homeless, neglected and/or abused animals in the whole county. \r\n\r\nThe animals at the shelter receive the best care possible by a staff who really cares for and loves animals. One thing I find particularly beneficial to the animals is that the staff does not want you to adopt an animal unless you really want it and can properly care for it. They are not just trying to get the animals adopted out. They would rather the animals stay at the shelter if they are not going to get a good, secure and long-term home.\r\n\r\nI have seen the pain in the staff's faces when an animal comes in that has been abused, starved or neglected. It is good to know that their are people right here in Camden after my own heart. We will do whatever we have to do to help those who can't help themselves.


    Clean, Wonderful staff. They truly care about the animals.


    They need help with funding. The shelter is worn out.


    by: ztT4MP83625862

    It seems there are more homeless animals looking for families every day. The staff of this facility tries their best, but really need increased resources (desperately need a new roof). The animals seem well cared for and content, but of course, they all want their own family. And because there are so many, their length of stay in this "temporary home" is limited. I would love to see a low-cost spay & neuter clinic in this County, and stronger animal cruelty laws and more prosecutions involving animal cruelty and abandonment in our State. We really need responsible animal ownership education as well. Media reports of the Vick dog-fighting case & a current local case involving cruelty (starvation) to 30 or more horses have brought increased public attention and awareness of animal atrosities that must be eliminated.


    Caring staff


    Limited resources

  • 13. Caring for animals

    by: lambrhondal

    Animal organizations form as a result of people that care. It is these people in various sections of the country that bring about change. Keep on helping the animals.


    Wanting to help the animals