Walsingham Park Paw Playground

12615 102nd Avenue North
Largo, FL

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Beautiful Park

    by: CircleTRanch

    Whether enjoying your dog in the paws playground or running a 5 or 10 K, This park is excellent.


    Beautiful area,


    budget cuts

  • 2. Nice dog park

    by: dukestersmom

    This is the dog park that I go the most because it is 2 miles from my house. I like the general area... I do think that the small dog portion is smaller than most and when a lot of dogs are there on a weekend, it gets pretty crowded. I have found that in general it is a clean park but there are a lot of people that do not follow the rules of picking up waste and keeping dogs leashed inside the park, etc


    Location very nice. Park supportive of the dog park


    Small area, Owners don't always clean up or follow rules. Needs more shade

  • 3. Funa, busy Paw Park!

    by: overseer60

    A fun, busy dog park, where people and their dogs get to know each other. Divided into big dog/small dog sides, with benches and trees on both sides and plenty of room for both. Double gated entry on both sides.


    Great size, plenty of room to run, high fences.


    Owners who don't pick up after their dogs!