Walnut Creek District Park

12138 N. Lamar Blvd.
Austin, TX

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Bikes galore

    by: whickums

    I went here for the first time in years yesterday. It is within walking distance from my house which is very convenient. If you look it up on a map you will see there are several miles of trails winding through the few hundred acres in the park. There is a nice creek that runs through the park (when it has actually rained here). The major drawback to me is that this park is a big attraction to mountain bikers, and they come out in droves. The trails are windy and at times really narrow, so if you're hiking off leash with your dog it gets old to constantly worry if your dog is going to get in the way of a bike. It's too bad, because I'd love to let my dogs explore the park but I don't really want to get into a conflict with a disgruntled mountain biker.


    miles and miles of trails


    lots of mountain bikes around

  • 2. Great place!

    by: erobin

    We had a blast when a friend and I went trail running with our dogs off leash! Trails were well marked. Walnut Creek was fun for the dogs. There are several nice folks biking or running the trails also. Some trails can get steep really fast---fun and challenging! Be sure to check in advance to see if there are any bike races, trail running events or softball tournaments; it can get crowded really fast.


    Free, convenient parking, trails marked, adjacent softball fields



  • 3. Great Park!

    by: npeduzzi

    My dog loves this park! There are a ton of different trails, which are rarely crowded. There are also quite a few picnic tables and some fields to play catch!


    Lots of trails, close to house


    only a few "puppy" waste disposal spots

  • 4. Great park for everyone

    by: Melody

    I never knew this park was there until a couple of years ago when a fellow volunteer took me and a shelter dog there for an outing. I've gone there quite a few times since then always taking shelter doggies. It is really a great place especially when there is water in the creeks the doggies love to play in them.


    Hiking trails


    some of the trails are kind of tight

  • 5. Walnut Creek Park

    by: knarf74

    This is a GREAT park for pretty much everything. Lots of cross country runners and trail riders...so if you are walking a trail, be alert around turns for bikers coming your away. The creek is not too far away from the parking lot and you can take a main trail there and just follow along the creek. Most trail intersections are marked with signs and arrows that will point you back to the parking lot.


    Great off the leash park


    Lots of trails can be a little confusing at first