Walker county humane society

2302 birmingham avenue
Jasper, AL 35501
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. My family and I have gotten a cat and a now a dog from there

    by: maverickman70

    we found new members of th family not just strays at pound. walker county human society needs the money that any of can spare. please if you are looking for a pet go there first.


    we have found pets not strays


    they need money and more space for the animals

  • 2. "Pets on Parade" Fund-Raiser

    by: ashley631r

    On November 3rd, the Junior Ambassadors teamed up with the Walker County Humane Society to put on the anual "Pets on Parade" day at Gamble Park. I have volunteered with the ambassadors for the past two years as a judge for the pet contests. It's a really creative fund-raiser: locals bring their animals to the park for contests, food, and good company. Many people bring monetary donations as well as items for the humane society: paper towels, dog/cat food, etc. I think it's safe to say that everyone (including all of the pets) enjoyed themselves Saturday; so, especially if you have never gone, be sure to mark your calendar for this event next year!