Wags Inn

3190 Cortsville Rd
South Charleston, OH 45368

User Reviews (1)

  • 1. Absolute Best

    by: masihkap

    I have to start this with the fact that I've taken my dog here many times, I used to work there as a summer job and still take him. Seeing how it is run from the outside and inside, it's a dog heaven. The staff are incredibly knowledgeable - Lori, the owner, is pure magic with dogs, from the small to the big, from the rambunctious to the old. Every dog gets loads of attention. The place is situated on 10 acres that are broken up into fields. The dogs go out in groups and go on walks around the fields with people, plus they all get played with. No dog is forgotten. There is a schedule that long term guests get comfortable with which helps them relax. Every dog is treated on a case by case basis, whether they can go out with others, just their house mates, or by themselves. The yards are constantly cleaned (if you work there, you have nightmares of poop scooping!). It's really a great place - I never worry when my dog is there because I know he's getting plenty of exercise and genuine love.