Wagner Franklin S Vmd

15610 National Pike
Hagerstown, MD 21740

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Great Vet

    by: Kmarshall

    Dr. Wagner is a great vet! When I 1st got my dogs the one was very sick. I called the vet closest to us and they couldn't see her for a week. When she got worse, I called Dr. Wagner and he made room for her the next day. Unfortunately, she passed away the morning of her appointment, but we found out she had coxcidia (sp?) and he did testing on our other two dogs to make sure they didn't have it as well. When we had an emergency with one of our other dogs swallowing a foreign object, he answered the phone even though it was almost midnight and patiently walked us through the steps to make her sick and made room for us to bring her in the next day for an x-ray. He is so patient and kind, really good with animals. He even helps you out; I walked in one day with 2 rambunctious puppies and an infant and he helped me bring everyone in. He is also very cheap, which is great for college students who are on budgets but want the best for their pets. I highly recommend him! Unfortunately, we moved away and no longer use him, but he still calls when they need a checkup to let us know. As I said; very caring!!


    always answers phone, very caring


    olny accepts checks/cash

  • 2. I will never go to another vet

    by: dogluver7

    The other day I had to put my very old lab down. We had originally gone to the funkstown vet, and she wanted 600-700 dollars to do surgery on my dog. The vet at funkstown was also not very friendly and charges and outrageous amount. When we went to Dr. Wagner, he said that our dog wouldnt have survived the surgery(honesty from a vet is a great thing in my mind). He was very caring and gave us poems to help us get over our dog. He is the only vet we will ever use in the future.


    reasonable, kind, caring