225 Dekalb Industrial Way
Decatur, GA

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. not sure i would take my dog here

    by: Brodymylove89

    i work in dog daycares. all daycares use water bottles for managing dog behavior in a yard. they are a safe and easy way to show dominance in any dog yard. wag a lot uses "ceasar milan techniques" in a group of 60 or more dogs that dont know each other and some may never have had experience with that kind of training before let alone the employees. so basically. they are flipping (for those that dont know what this is its when you grab a dog by their cuff and flip on their back and hold them there til they submit) dogs in the yard and they are sticking their fingers in dogs faces making tsst noises at them. i'm not sure how many of you have any experience with this but in mine i have found that is a great way to get bitten and make the dogs very uncomfortable. not to mention for this to work one has to have a dominant personality to begin with. i find it hard to believe that everyone they hire has a dominant enough personality for any of this to be ok. did i mention they have completely BANNED the use of water bottles? so if an employee is uncomfortable doing these things to the dogs and would rather have a water bottle.. they will get fired if they get caught using one. i would never take my dog here. i find it unsafe not only for the uncomfortable employees but also and most importantly for the dogs.


    they have different locations that are all consistent


    the owners have no idea what they are doing and this makes it unsafe

  • 2. Great Service

    by: pseudoestheastro

    Wag-A-Lot is a great place to send your dog for the day or an extended period. They have great facilities with great staff who will make sure your dog is treated like royalty. They even have a web cam on their website so you can watch your pets every move from a thousand miles away!


    great location, knowlegable staff, fairly inexpensive