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  • 1. makes me feel like i wont go into debt paying vet bills.

    by: Banditbandicoot

    I like to use this service as a back up for any emergency that may occur. If an emergency occurs I have an emergency credit card and when the reimbursement comes I can pay the money back to the card, without going into debt. I also use this to get an reimbursement on any medical care. As of now this company has been very good at reimbursements. I have not had any major medical issues yet with Bandit, so I'm not sure how they refund would work with those. But thats the thing with insurance you never know what will be covered or denied. only issues that I truly have is that instead of receiving a check they should just deposit the funds into the account that they take the payments out of. They also should have more pay schedules, I would like to pay twice a year.


    reasonable price range, reimbursements, easy process


    Needs more pay schedules;it would be nice to pay semi annually, with insurance companies you never know

  • 2. comprehensive coverage at affordable price

    by: ZooAtHeart

    I am very glad that I have VPI Pet Insurance for my two cats Gracie & Percival. When comparing pet insurance plans, VPI was the most economical & comprehensive pet insurance provider. The monthly fee is affordable and the plans offer great coverage. I highly recommend VPI to anyone looking for routine & emergency coverage for their companions.


    great customer service


    takes a long time to remove a diagnosis / pre-existing condition

  • 3. Read the Fine Print - Fee Schedule vs. Actual Fees

    by: karenfigurelli

    From 2003 till now I paid total of $1,400 in premiums. I got back $779. The reason is that while VPI pays 90% minus deductible - it is 90% of what VPI thinks the vet SHOULD charge - not what the vet ACTUALLY charges. My cat was diagnosed with CRF in July 2008. He was 10 years old. When I really needed the insurance it was not there for me - because I did not understand that the 90% was based on a fee schedule. So, don't make this mistake - read the fine print. Get fee schedule from insurance and from your vet and compare! It is better I think to have a plan that pays 90% of ACTUAL vet charges. And there are pet insurance companies like that. You need to get the details before you buy. When I began to need the insurance in 2008 I got back the following: Vet Bill: $3,013 Reimburse: $689 Vet Bill: $114 Reimburse: $32 Vet Bill: $382 Reimburse: $58.13 Vet Bill: $595 Reimburse: .15 Cents (Maxed out what they pay in annual period). Google around and comparison shop.


    Got some money back (but less than I paid in)


    Fee Schedule much lower than actual vet bills

  • 4. VPI Veterinary Pet Insurance

    by: LinzB

    Two of my cats have been enrolled with VPI for 2 years now. I was thinking of discontinuing my coverage because they only went to the vet once a year for a checkup and I had them set up with the ultimate coverage available. Then I decided to get a new kitten and wanted to continue the insurance for him so that his neuter surgery would be covered. Soon after getting the new kitten, my cat Ally tore her ACL and meniscus!!! The vet informed me that the surgery was not mandatory and that Ally could "deal" with the pain if I opted not to have the surgery!! I would never not treat my pets because of the cost but I realize that some people may not be able to fork over hundreds of dollars to care for their pets. That's where VPI comes in. The pre/post visits plus the surgery and meds cost $1500!!! I was reimbursed for about $1300 of that! That situation made me re-evaluate my previous decision to cancel the insurance. I recommend even the most basic coverage available to all of my pet loving friends!!!




    Can get pricey

  • 5. Secure Way to to ensure your pet is taken care of

    by: JenniferMaurer

    This is a reasonably priced pet insurance that costs only about $200 per year yet pays $90% of your vet bills with a $50 deductable for each illness. It makes me feel secure knowing that I can afford to take care of Simone should anything happen to her.


    Pay back in a reasonable amount of time


    Can't think of any

  • 6. It's worth the peace of mind

    by: aferanec

    I just submitted a claim for an emergency vet visit where my pet needed to have some x-rays taken. The visit cost $278 and I was pleasantly surprised to get a check for $206. That's nearly half of the annual premium, so it's definitely worth it. And it's nice to know that if your pet is sick or injured, you can worry about your pet - not the expenses to get him well!


    Claims are handled quickly


    Premiums are a little high

  • 7. Good insurance for the price

    by: myoungpeter

    They covered his neutering, puppy shots, microchipping, and de-worming but only covered 1/5 of an emergency procedure.


    Low-cost, covered puppy stuff


    Didn't cover a $500 procedure

  • 8. Veterinary Pet Insurance

    by: Bernergirl

    We were glad we bought Veterinary Pet Insurance for our dog. He had numerous visits to the vet, some minor and some major, and having this insurance really helped us out financially. I would recommend this service.