Virginia Beach Veterinary Hospital

2013 Pleasure House Rd
Virginia Beach, VA 23455

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  • 1. The Best Vet Staff Ever, I'd Never Go To Anyone Else!

    by: meruhime

    My mother has been taking our pets to this pet since we had our 7 guinea pigs. That was all the way back in 1997. Dr. Morris is an excellent vet and I've always trusted him w/ my animals. He even specializes in exotic animals. He operated on one of our guinea pigs b/c she had an eye tumor and removed it easily. Also when when we had to put one of our guinea pigs down b/c she had throat cancer, he was able to find the vein in her little foot so easily to put her to sleep. Since taking our guinea pigs to him. He's treated 2 of my grandparents cats and 3 of my mother's dogs. I now take my two cats there. The other two vets there: Dr. Stephanie Reitz, DVM, and Dr. Jennifer Bolduc are a joy to have as a part of Dr. Morris's team. They are just as knowledgeable as Dr. Morris, sympathetic when your animal is sick/dying, kind, and are honest/truthful about the situation with your animals.


    Excellent Vets/Staff, Clean, A+++


    There Aren't Any =)