Virginia beach spca

3040 holland road
Virginia beach, VA 23453

User Reviews (25)

  • 1. Miss Gracie and the VBSPCA

    by: jrbell

    23 years ago I rescued my second cat Gracie from the VBSPCA. I have been a supporter ever since. I have got to know some of the staff and know their hearts are all in the right place. Animals first, people second. Again I will donate art to help the cause this April. Keep up the good work you all!


    Very well organized and clean


    Haven't found one yet!

  • 2. A Deserving Facility & Staff: The Animals Need Them

    by: stephhumphries

    I think the VBSPCA is a great facility because out of all those facilities I have been in, seen and been a part of, this one is clean, well managed and does a great job with what they have. They have a good group of volunteers, are dedicated to helping the animals, and really work on programs intended to educate the public and promote responsible pet ownership. The facility and staff are overwhelmed sometimes with the amount of intake and even more people need to volunteer and support them with more funding. I have adopted from the VBSPCA, fostered, donated and promoted them in any way I can. I think the management is very caring about animals and not just there to run the facility; I think that is one key element needed for a successful program. I think they are great, work hard and deserve more attention, time and funding.


    clean, well managed, great programs, good corp of volunteers, dedicated staff, great place to be if you are an animal in need


    as others do, the facility needs funds to continue programs and increase their ability to help even more animals.

  • 3. BEST EVER

    by: Cairbair21

    I have been fostering with the VBSPCA for almost a year now and I love them to death. They do the best they can all the time. The staff are beyond devoted and work harder than anyone I know. I would recommend them to anyone.


    I love love love the VBSPCA


    They want to do so much good, but right now are a bit prohibited due to lack of funds. Donate today to your local SPCA!

  • 4. Wildlife Rehab

    by: scmar65

    I have never adopted from VB SPCA, but I have dropped off two young birds that had fallen out of their nest. I was glad to learn that I could drop them off there after having hunted high and low for someone to take them. I really appreciated that they also help wildlife as well as domesticated animals.


    Drop-off Point for Bird Rehab


    Don't Know

  • 5. Top-Notch Shelter

    by: bobdog

    I used to volunteer for the VB-SPCA when I lived at the beach. This shelter offers cutting-edge programs; creative fundraisers; hard-working, caring staff; full veterinary clinic; mobile spay-neuter van; emergency-response team -- I could go on.... It also has amazing community support and a tremendous group of volunteers.\r\n\r\nOne thing that sets the VB-SPCA apart is its involvement in writing and lobbying for animal protection legislation. Whether it's puppy mills, cruelty, or crazy, city-generated ideas to boost tourism -- this shelter steps up.\r\n\r\n


    Wonderful vet clinic, staff and programs


    Too far away (because I moved)

  • 6. Well taken care of animals....

    by: cstillwell

    I have never adopted an animal from this shelter, but have visited it for many years to either make donations or get my city licenses and I always take the time to take a walk through the shelter. The shelter is always clean and shelter assistants are always available.


    Clean environment, animals appear well taken care of



  • 7. Great Adoption Experience!

    by: caturner

    I just adopted a 5-month old Jack Russell-Pug mix from the VB SPCA. The staff, volunteer and paid, were all very helpful in selecting the right dog for me. (This is my first dog) They show real love for the animals there and a true concern for their welfare while in the shelter and in making sure each adoption is one that will be a good fit. They gave me lots of time with the puppy the night I decided to adopt her. They encouraged me to visit with her while she waited to be spayed (no animal released until neutered/spayed) and gave me plenty of time with her each time I came to visit. I was given lots of information - reading and a DVD - to prepare me for the big day when my puppy would come home with me. The shelter is very clean and well kept. There are lots of volunteers making sure that the animals get lots of love and attention during their stay. The shelter has a terrific web site as well and the listing of available animals is updated daily. I cannot recommend the VB SPCA highly enough!


    Giving abandoned pets a great new life



  • 8. We LOVE Dana

    by: mykell1065

    Dana is the BEST clinic coordinator around! We love her.





  • 9. Best shelter in Virginia Beach!

    by: chloebeemersweet

    I've been a junior volunteer at the vbspca for the past couple months and it's been a life changing expirience. I have learned so much from both the staff, kennel managers, the animals, and the adopters. I've adopted both my dog and my cat from the VBSPCA and I am now blessed with the two greatest pets ever. It'd be awesome if the shelter had a million dollars fall from the sky to fund all the great ideas it has in mind! ...wink wink


    kennel is great, clean, dedicated staff


    cattery! needs updating... possibly a whole seperate cat room.

  • 10. VBSPCA does a great job!

    by: JackieVBSPCA

    We have adopted five pets from there now and couldn't be happier with them!


    Always willing to help


    Nothing comes to mind!

  • 11. A Great Shelter

    by: carlnv3

    This is an amazing shelter. the people here are so dedicated and eager to help. My family has adopted 3 animals from this shelter and couldnt have been happier.


    a friendly staff who is always eager to help


    doesnt receive enough support to take care of all the animals it gets

  • 12. Wow

    by: KellyCB

    I have been volunteering at the VBSPCA since May 08, since i've been there I have been told numerous time how much cleaner our facility is than other places. We take a lot of pride in keeping our kennels/catterys clean since animals who have been turned in by owners and strays owners don't care to look for get turned in they need the most love. Training is provided to the dogs and evaluations to make sure the animal is safe make this place great for adopting to anyone.


    Loving animals, knowledgable staff, friendly volunteers


    Lots of animals given up by owners, Strays no one is looking for

  • 13. We are the bomb-digity!

    by: scasino

    What a fun place to work! We work very hard at what we do and manage to help a lot of animals and meet the needs of the local community. It can frustrating and difficult work at times but the rewards for animal lovers are (as they say in the VISA commericals) priceless.\r\n\r\nWe do rely on a wonderful corp of volunteers and get wonderful support from the community, doubly so since our involvement with rehabilitating over 100 dogs from a WV puppy mill. Thanks you guys we appreciate all your help!


    We try to be


    Yeah we have some

  • 14. Pamper our Babies

    by: JenniferKeller

    As an employee of the VBSPCA, I am so proud to see all the names affiliated with us! Thanks to everyone for writing such wonderful reviews. We strive to deliver the highest standard of care to all of the animals and I believe it shows! We have received incredible support from the community and we are so thankful. Let's all keep up the great work! :)


    Come check us out!


    We have those?!?

  • 15. Adopt Don't Shop!

    by: gfawley

    I've been working at the shelter since June of 2007 and it's such a great place to work. I started volunteering in November 2007, adopted two pups and then got a job 7 months later. There are a bunch of great people who work at the shelter and everything we do is for the animals. They're are our number one priority. When you decide it's time for another four-legged, furry companion, come see us at the VBSPCA!


    Friendly staff, adorable animals


    Um, they don't exist!

  • 16. Amazing Shelter!

    by: MeghanVBSPCA

    The VBSPCA is fully commited to helping every animal! They do an amazing job! They are very knowledgeable and extremely helpful.


    Commited staff and volunteers!


    Nothing comes to mind.

  • 17. VB SPCA ROCKS!

    by: chevygirl

    I have been volunteering at the shelter for a few years now and its been great. I got my 3rd dog Coalie there in jan.08. I already have 2 other dogs and 2 cats and we are one big happy family.The shelter is always clean and bright ,the dogs are taken out to the fenced in yards several times a day. When your interested in an animal there is 5 rooms in which you can visit with your hope to be new pet. This is one of the only shelters I know that really goes beyond just trying to get animals adopted , they have many programs that are done through out the community to help educate the public. Also programs in the summer for kids called critter camp, & listening ears which we go into the schools with an animal to help kids with reading.We also do alot within the community at different events threw out the year in which we take animals and hand out information. We have a lot of volunteers that do many things ,to much to mention so come by and check us out.


    open 7 days a week with variable hours giving people who work options and when to visit


    volunterring can be get attached to alot of the animals and would like to bring them all home

  • 18. VBSPCA is a great place

    by: pattyb10

    I made two trips to the VBSPCA in the past month. Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to adopt an animal at this time. However, I wanted to contribute to their good work by delivering donations, doing some laundry, etc. In addition, I did tour the shelter and talk to some of the staff and volunteers. All of the animals looked healthy and eager to adopt a family! The staff/volunteers were quite busy with the WV puppy mill puppies and everyone who was coming in to see/ask about them, but I was very impressed with the care and commitment shown by all.


    Friendly, energetic, passionate staff; well organized use of limited space and super clean pet areas


    Shelter and parking lot are both too small

  • 19. Great Place!!

    by: MonarchMark

    Where do I start? I used to visit all the time, now I'm a volunteer who is at the shelter as I am at my own house. The staff there is very well trained and their knowledgeable of the animals is top notch. They are willing to teach the volunteers what they know to make them better. The staff at the front desk is simply awesome, they take a lot of abuse, but maintain a great of professionalism and friendliness towards every guest that comes into the shelter. The adoption process that the Virginia Beach SPCA has in place is simply outstanding, they make sure that all the animals that are placed go to the right home so that they don't end up coming back to the shelter. I can't say enough how great the VBSPCA is.


    Knowledgeable Staff, Strong volunteers, Mangement, Onsite Clinic, Thorough Adoption Process


    Not enough prople to adopt all the needy animals.

  • 20. Great shelter

    by: kevmule

    I love this shelter. It is open and the animals are well taken care of. Big windows in the cattery and large cages. Several colonies for the cats. Lots of fenced yard space for the dogs to run and a big field across the parking lot for staff and volunteers to run the dogs. Knowledgeable, caring staff who put the animals first in everything they do. Great vet clinic on site that provides low cost vet care. Large core of volunteers to compliment the dedicated staff results in well socialized animals.


    Passionate staff, eager volunteers, modern facility


    Hours not long enough on some days

  • 21. A wonderful shelter

    by: TinyB199

    Not only am I a former employee of the VBSPCA, but I have adopter to one my animals from this shelter. \n\nI have not been to a cleaner shelter in my life. This shelter really is here to help the animals.





  • 22. The Virginia beach SPCA is top notch

    by: vbspcablog

    I've been a volunteer with the Virginia beach SPCA for 6 months now and I've never met such an enthusiastic group dedicated to finding homes for the adoptable animals that come through the shelter. Since I've been their we've been involved in 2 emergency rescues and it's very nice to see both staff and the community come together during times of crisis. The facilty is well maintained and clean. It's always been a pleasureable experience every time I go. Keep up the good work!


    Friendly knowledgable staff, good selection of adoptable animals, clean


    small space

  • 23. Virginia Beach SPCA is a great place to volunteer

    by: JoeCartonia

    I just started volunteering at the VBSPCA. The staff is friendly and knowledable. My wife and I walk dogs. The dogs are very happy and lovable. They would be happier if they had a family to live with.


    Clean, organized, and great animals


    Need more people to adopt animals

  • 24. Adopted a family member from them

    by: RottieMomNC

    We adopted Jasmine from the Va Beach SPCA in February, 2002. We almost had to go to court to get her. A paperwork mishap lost our hold. After talking with one of the managers, they researched what happened, and we took our very special baby home 2 days later.\r\n\r\nI've always found the staff to be helpful and caring. The animals always looked cared for and as happy as one can be in a shelter environment.\r\n\r\nThey work hard to educate the public with events, and offer several after adoption services, like training.\r\n\r\nWe regularly donated to them when we lived in Virginia and would highly recommend them to anyone.


    Terrific selection, nice facility


    Not organized with paperwork

  • 25. good place

    by: plashomb

    we have used the spca numerous times, we have been there to look for pets over the years and recently we were there to post a flyer about a lost dog that we had found. within 2 hours the owner had been to the SPCA and they had put her in touch with us to get her dog back. its a shame that places like the SPCA have to exist but they do a great job in VIrginia Beach!


    great people doing a great job