Virginia beach animal control

2665 leroy drive
Virginia beach, VA 23456
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  • 1. Very helpful staff

    by: depdog

    We adopted two dogs from VBAC last spring. The staff was patient and helpful. One of the dogs was on the sad list and none of my efforts could find him a home or rescue. As his days had run out we rushed in to adopt him. My wish is that this was not a city run facility and animals had more of a chance to find homes. Way too many animals are have no hope because of limited time and space. Even though the staff is helpful I had to rate customer service mid-level because the animals are also customers who deserve a chance (more than two weeks) to be adopted. VA Beach city leaders can change this. Maybe the new mayor will be animal friendly.


    helpful staff, clean


    City run, is not No Kill

  • 2. Working to get better

    by: scasino

    They try hard to take care of their animals but their facility is not very adoption friendly. The city is facing increased pressure from different consitutents in the community to improve the agency and it appears that they are doing so.


    trying to build a new shelter


    very old and outdated facility; understaffed

  • 3. Transition....

    by: cstillwell

    This is a government organization who has traditionally not been focused on rehoming animals that come into their facility. However, their is transition that is at least beginning. Friends of Virginia Beach Animal Control is a rescue group I recently learned about that is partnering with the Animal Control Facility. There is an effort underway to be able to build a new more modern facility. I am just now joining this group as a volunteer and look forward to working with them to make the transition and focus on rehoming these animals.


    Partner with Friends of Virginia Beach Animal Control Rescue Group


    Outdated facility

  • 4. Doing what they can

    by: mykell1065

    VBAC is basically in the same boat as PHS, Understaffed, underpaid and in a crappy (not as bad as ours though) facility. They are doing the best they can with what they have to work with.


    Is there for the community


    Catches a lot of hell!

  • 5. VB Animal control

    by: vbspcablog

    They are in desperate need of new facilities and training in shelter management and I hope that the city of virginia beach gives them what they need to continue their vital work.


    Good variety of animals


    Not enough emphasis placed on making animals adoptable

  • 6. -VB Animal Control - A New Day is Dawning!

    by: sybilmays

    VB Animal Control (VBAC) is currently housed in an old facility that is gloomy, uninviting and not welcoming to potential adopters. The VB SPCA and the animal control volunteer group, Friends of VBAC, are working hard for a city mandate for a new facility and expanded staff and volunteer opportunities. The insufficient staff is overworked but they do care for the animals and regret those that are put down. With the high turnover of our many military families, we see a lot of abandoned companion animals. Currently, the volunteer corps is working to set up an out-of-shelter foster network. We need more adopters! If you are an animal lover in the Virginia Beach area, please, please consider adopting from our shelter. And perhaps even volunteering in any time or means you have available!


    A new shelter may be on the way!


    Current shelter is understaffed and run down.

  • 7. We need you....volunteer with us!

    by: Cbrewton\r\n\r\nCheck out the above website...we are a group of people who are working real hard to get the animals out of cages and into forever homes!\r\n\r\nYou can help....we need all types of volunteers....what can you do to help save an animal today?


    super sweet animals


    we are missing you!

  • 8. They need all of our help!!!

    by: earleval

    This shelter has been existence since I can remember as a little girl. My family and friends would visit the shelter almost every week and talk to all of the animals and pray for all of them to get adopted!! Then the next weekend when we went to see who got a new home we would almost cry and thank God for His help. It is so sad that so many people just get a pet without considering the impact on the humans home but almost More important the animals home and the future that lies ahead for them. Animals are like babies they are at the mercy of us - The Humans. If we could all think before we get an animal there would be alot less animals that would end up in a shelter. I pray everyday for all of the shelters in the USA for they are too at our mercy because they cant help or treat the animals correctly without funds/donations as we all know personally if we have a pet it is very expensive to take care of just 1 animal correctly-it is a lifetime committment not just a fad. Anyways, if all us that login to ZOOTOO would just donate 1 dollar a piece just think what that adds up to for all of the unfortunate animals that we all as pet lovers would like to take home but we cant due to our own finance budgets- I AM CHALLENGING ALL OF US ZOOTOO MEMBERS TO DONATE FIVE DOLLARS (THAT IS ONLY ONE MCDONALDS COMBO MEAL ACTUALLY LESS) TO OUR SHELTERS THAT WE REPRESENT. ALSO, WHEN YOU DONT GET YOUR COMBO MEAL JUST THINK HOW ALL OF THOSE PETS THAT ARE SITTING IN A SHELTER FEEL WHEN THEY GO HUNGRY BECAUSE A ******ONE HUMAN BEING, LIKE OURSELVES, DUMPED THEM FOR WHATEVER REASON!!! I did that and I cried almost the entire day just to think that there are humans that dump animals just because...... God bless all of you that meet this challenge, you will feel better about what we all ZOOTOO associate members are a part of. Please feel free to email me back personally with your personal experience when and if you have the courage to put your money where your mouth is. My email is [email protected] Good luck, Valerie


    They all love animals too, or most of them do!


    They need more donations to make the shelter larger!