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Village West Dog Park

45th Street
Fargo, ND 58103

User Reviews (9)

  • 1. Good time

    by: BabyBlueDad

    We visited a couple times, the dog loved it. Lots of new friends to meet.


    dog loved his visit


    got muddy while we were there

  • 2. Good

    by: ajswanny

    Love it. There are two seperate enclosures, and the people that you see there are always very friendly.





  • 3. Enjoyable dog park!

    by: Daneroo

    My dog always enjoys going to this dog park. Sometimes it can be very busy, and other times you may be the only one there depending on the time of day. It's a nice big space to let your animal run though even if there are no other dogs to play with. There are two sides, one for small dogs, one for large dogs. There is also water available, and doody bags for picking up after your dog. Sometimes people don't pick up as well as they should. The grass is worn sometimes too, and can stay muddy for a couple days after rain. They have benches and picnic tables for the people. They also have a dog park on the north side of fargo that we go to sometimes, since Alfie's doggy cousin lives on that end of town and they go play at the park together. That one is a little bit smaller, but still split for small or big dogs. Also grass is better so doesn't get as muddy.


    Split for small or large dogs.


    Sometimes muddy.

  • 4. The highlight of my dog's day.

    by: linzuar

    My dog loves this dog park. There are usually lots of other dogs around, which is one reason we choose this over some others; playmates! For the most part the dog owners we've run into have been very responsible about cleaning up after their dogs, but watch your step anyway. :) Also, when the cleanup bags provided onsite run out, it can take quite a while for them to be refilled (as of now it's been over a week). This sort of thing can be expected at a dog park, however. My only real complaint is that there is virtually no shelter at this site to protect dog owners from the cold winter wind. Since this park is on the western edge of Fargo, it gets the brunt of chilly winter conditions, and the meager "shelter" on-site is only a roof with no walls. The dogs can handle it and are having a blast, but sometimes I need to leave much sooner than my dog wants to because I just can't take the cold.


    Nice and large, separate areas for bigger and smaller dogs, popular


    No shelter from that cold winter wind!

  • 5. Love it!

    by: AmandaTeske

    We have a few dog parks in Fargo and I am glad we do! There are so many apartments that allow animals in this area now, but they don't offer anywhere for people to let their animals run! We are lucky and own our own home and we have built a dog run in the back yard. However, our littel boys still love going to the dog park and making new friends!





  • 6. Looks like a great place

    by: WandaLou

    In the spring & summer I think that my daughter & I will be making somes trip to this place. It's kinda far but when we go to Petsmart we can go there on the way there.


    Great for dogs


    40 some miles away

  • 7. Dogs love it

    by: gadams38

    My dogs love the park, and it is alot bigger than the one that is closer to my house, it gets pretty busy on the weekends, so weekdays work out better for me.


    Very Large, Seperate parks for large and small dogs


    gets muddy when it rains, alot of dead grass

  • 8. 45th st. dog park is fun

    by: Voluptas

    the dog park is nice. it gives dogs a chance to socialize and run within a bigger city. haven't run into an overly aggressive dog yet, and it's nice to just sit back and watch the dogs have fun and socialize with other people as your dog socializes.


    gives dogs a chance to run in the city


    can get windy since it's kind of in open area

  • 9. Nice Dog Park!

    by: mulenag

    We visit Fargo quite often with our dog in tow. We take her to this dog park and she really enjoys herself! I love that there are 2 separate parks, one for small dogs and one for big dogs. There is always an ample supply of doggie bags for clean-up.\nI just wish it wouldn't get so muddy. Otherwise we love this place and will continue to bring our dog there for a fun time!


    Large Park