Veterinary teaching hospital at isu

1600 south 16th street
Ames, IA 50011
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Kind and Thorough

    by: LAJess

    Used ISU when no one else could diagnose our dog. Prices were far less than local emergency care and they were very thorough in their examination. Our outcome was not good (terminal cancer) but we felt the folks at ISU were very kind and respectful in our dog's end of life care.


    They know their stuff


    Wish it was closer

  • 2. Glad we have this resource

    by: rap7176

    I only wish they offered reduced fees to families that truly love their animals but cannot afford enormous vet bills.


    Perform surgeries that many places cannot/will not.



  • 3. Orthopedics

    by: bethiejean

    I went to ISU Orthopedics for my Border Collie's sports injury. He was overwhelmed by the heavy patient loads and wasn't knowledgeable about my dog's injury. After $1000 worth of tests he still didn't know quite what was wrong and spent the next year unsuccessfully treating her. Finally, he simply had my regular vet give me pain medication because I refused to do an experimental surgery that neither my normal veterinarian or myself felt comfortable with. Over one year of treatment, the most heard answer to any of my questions was, "I don't know."\n\nLuckily, I found a sane veterinarian at ISU and now my dog is being treated via acupuncture. Although she's only had one treatment it was more effective than a solid year of the previous vet's bumbling attempts. If you go to ISU, there are some excellent veterinarians that I highly recommend. But, if your vet's favorite phrase is, "I don't know," please ask for a different practitioner.


    the best hospital in Iowa??


    bad service, some veterinarians not knowledgable