Veterinary surgical services: hay callum dvm

7512 paula dr # 103
Tampa, FL 33685

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  • 1. Superior Surgical skills and loving care of patient

    by: lucille113

    When my Lhasa Apso need surgery on his leg due to torn cranial curciate ligament. I was beside myself and they gave me such comfort and assurance that my pet was going to be OK. The staff made me feel like my pet was the sweetest dog they had ever taken care of and I felt the love. When I picked him up, they really made me feel like they were going to miss him. The instructions were very clear and when he returned for his six week check up, he was almost 100%. I feel that I would trust any of my pets to him again if needed. He is now 100% and all because of the great skill and care he received there.


    When your pet need surgery, this is the place


    none that I could think of