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  • 1. high prices and hidden tests

    by: july1962

    I've been to this vet now a few times and I agree, Dr. Steve is good with the animals. But that's where my glowing review stops. If you're going to go to this vet, make sure you know what tests they are doing and how much it's going to cost UP FRONT. Also, ask for your prescriptions to be written and take them elsewhere, like as they overcharge for their services and medications. My 11-year old golden retriever scared the s**t out of us recently when she had two seizures out of the blue. So I took her in the next day, but Dr. Steve was not in. I saw Dr. Isaacs, whose voice is terribly soft and high pitched...I felt like I was in a nursery school. I was really upset going in as I thought my dog was probably not going to make it (at her age) and Dr. Isaacs was not very caring about that. She very officiously said she needed to do a blood and urine test to rule out some things but that it was probably a brain tumor and to make sure, we'd have to do an MRI. I told her I couldn't afford to do all that, so she took her in the back for the blood and urine tests without doing any kind of an exam in the room at all. She came back in less than 5 minutes and told me she would call when the results came back and that she was giving me some medicine for the seizures. Got to the counter to pay (through my tear filled eyes) and was told the total was $279! WHAT?! $15 for a month's worth of pills, $45 for a "physical exam" (which I don't believe she did), $55 for urinalysis, and $164 for comprehensive blood work! Dr. Isaacs called the next day to say that the tests were normal except for a urinary tract infection and she needed to put her on antibiotics and told me to come pick them up. So I did. 42 tablets for $144.12 when I arrived for the medication. I was told to bring my dog back 5 days after she finished the last antibiotic for another blood and urine test. So I did. Guess what? $251 this time! $81 to check for the seizure medicine in her blood, $95 for a urine test (which was $55 the first time), $35 for "single chemistry" and $40 to take her blood pressure. WHAT???!!! Does your doctor charge you extra to take your blood pressure?! Aren't there just certain things that come as part of a doctor's visit like blood pressure, taking your temperature and weighing you? Further, they didn't tell me they were doing this "single chemistry" or the "blood pressure" but it was on my bill when I got to the counter and they expected me to pay it! I wrote Dr. Steve a 2 page letter and faxed it over on July 7th. Two days later when I had had no reply, I faxed it over again with an additional note that I needed a refill on the seizure medication. It's now the 13th and I've still had no reply and no one has called me to tell me the medication is ready. So today I emailed them and told them I would not be back, that I wanted copies of the tests to take to a different vet. No reply as of yet. I spoke to an animal activist neighbor friend of mine who said she would never go back there. She took a cat in there that she knew was on its last legs and asked for it to be put to sleep. Dr. Steve talked her into doing $1000 worth of tests only to put the cat to sleep 4 days later and then wanted to charge her for the euthanasia. I think Dr. Steve is an excellent vet, but the business practices there stink. They don't always tell you what tests they're going to do and in my case have never told me how much anything is until you get to the counter to pay for it. That's my fault, I should always ask. But I'm usually pretty upset when I go there and not thinking about the bill, just my pet's health. Dr. Isaacs said she didn't know how much anything costs or why they charge what they charge. Imagine that.


    Dr. Steve is a good vet


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