Veterinary emergency and referral group inc

318 warren st
Brooklyn, NY 11256

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  • 1. Simply Amazing

    by: kcwheel79

    My kitten suddenly began vomiting and couldn't hold any food down for about a day, and I called VERG. The triage technician on the phone new that he needed to come in right away, even though he seemed otherwise fine. One of the vets on duty, Dr. Goldfarb did a fantastic scan, and she could tell his abdomen was ever so slightly abnormal, and worried he'd swallowed something. They did xrays and sure enough, found strange gas patterns but still no foreign object. With no other choice (he continued to vomit and deteriorate) they went in. After an exploratory surgery of his stomach and intestines, they found the culprit - a shoelace! It would have never shown up on an xray and I'm still amazed that Dr. Goldfarb could tell something was in there just by the way his tummy felt. His surgeon was extremely skilled, and despite having to do a major incision, Huckleberry recovered quickly and was eating normally again within a few days. There were absolutely no complications. I only wish I could have sent my dad there for his colon surgery! This group is really on the top of their game - not only that but they have wonderful bedside manner. They kept me posted every step of the way and let me visit - everyone there knew Huck by name and I almost had to pry him from their arms to take him home again. Brooklyn pet owners take heart - VERG will do a great job during your pet emergency.


    Highly skilled vets and surgeons, wonderful staff