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User Reviews (1)

  • 1. Knowledgeable, caring and convenient

    by: Kath

    Dr. Nestrick is so caring. She is so good with our pets, even our semi-feral cat, Fred. She knows that some vet care is hard for the "parents" too, and calms our nerves, as well as our pets. We have used Vet Trek for years and can't imagine using anyone else. She's not only extremely knowledgeable and caring, but her service couldn't be more convenient. We have always recommended her highly to friends and associates.


    Dr. Nestrick remembers our pets history, even after a long time between visits.


    Since she's a mobile vet, she can't pinpoint exactly a specific time for an appointment. Not usually a problem except one time when we had to watch one of our cats die because she was delayed. That was hard.