Vet Stop Animal Clinics

6640 Mexico Rd
Saint Peters, MO

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Impersonal

    by: xoxojessika

    I went to Vet Stop since my parents' used them for years and when I got my first pet I didn't know where else to go. First off, their fees are ok, higher than most clinics but what vet visit isn't going to put a nice dent in your pocketbook?\n\nIf you're just coming in for routine things like a checkup or vaccines, they're great! But if you're coming in for a problem, its a different story. The techs were wonderful but the doctor was very impersonal. He may have introduced himself when he came into the room, I don't remember, but I just didn't get a very friendly vibe from him. I brought my dog in for a routine checkup and then out of curiosity at the end of his checkup I asked about skin allergies since he was scratching a lot and had some hot spots. Without even explaining to me why or what they were doing, they did a bunch of skin scrapes and other procedures and tests and then charged me an arm and a leg just to tell me they didn't find anything (no mites, fleas, etc). Well, gee! They just went and did it, they didn't even ask if I WANTED a skin scrape, I was just asking out of curiosity, not because I thought there was an actual problem.\n\nAnother time I went in because I found a rather large lump on his shoulder and was worried. Turns out he just hit himself really hard and cause some localized swelling. They drained the area and prescribed some antibiotics (understandable). We were only in the room for maybe 15 minutes, yet the bill was over $130!!!! Again, they didn't even ask if I wanted to get some antibiotics, they were just like "oh and here, take these in case it becomes infected".\n\nSo while I trust them and their procedures, they are just a little impersonal and do NOT keep you "in the know-how" when it comes to what they are doing and why, and they tack on a bunch of random crap to your bill and it will skyrocket for even the simplest visits!!


    close by, convenient location, friendly staff


    impersonal vets, don't really explain things thoroughly, do procedures without explaining things or even asking if its ok

  • 2. I trust them with my girls

    by: 2pupsrmorefun

    I take both of my dogs here and wouldn't trust them to anyone else. We love Dr. McKnight, she is awesome. We also have both pups groomed here as well. The staff helped us adopt our 2nd dog through their office and we are so grateful that we found her!


    they remember my dogs when we come in and genuinely care about them.


    might be higher priced then some, but worth the personal care.

  • 3. So,so...

    by: ahah1113

    I took my pets here a couple of times when I was new to the area. I wasn't impressed! The care was not top of the line but their fees sure were! I no longer go there I asked around and found some much higher reccomended places one of which is now our current vet, with better prices, friendlier staff, and more care towards the animals rather than the money!


    it was pretty clean


    very expensive and not worth it