Vestridge Animal Clinic

1444 Montgomery Highway
Birmingham, AL 35216

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  • 1. Vestridge Animal Clinic in Vestavia Hills, AL

    by: KLJ

    I began bringing my dog to Vestridge Clinic when I had an emergent situation on a Sunday evening. I found my regular vet office was closed, and as I was going home, I noticed Vestridge was open - on a Sunday night. Dr. England took my dog in right away and treated her on the spot. She had such a calm, kind and caring way with my dog that she has been my dog's vet ever since. Dr. England is the only vet at Vestridge and knows every detail about the history and conditions of every animal she treats. She is amazing and works very long hours. The office is open at 7:00AM until 6:00 PM weekdays and also has weekend hours. Her rates are very reasonable compared to other offices. If your pet has a problem or an unusual condition, Dr. England has probably seen it or treated it before. My dog turned up with Cushings and Dr. England was the first to find that. Later, my dog contracted a very bad case of drug resistant clostridium difficile (probably from a dog treat made in China). Dr. England started treatment but also did research and contacted not only specialists at Auburn but the CDC to get help for my dog. I truly believe if I had gone to another vet, my dog would have died. At one point, Dr. England asked for another Birmingham vet's opinion and after forking over about $640, the other "specialist" was completely unable to help my dog. Dr. England did not give up and continued to research and try news things, She really came through for my dog. I have other veterinary offices a stone's throw from my home, but I would never go anywhere other than Vestridge.


    Incredibly caring doctor, compassionate staff, access to the best medicines, treatments and prescription diet foods


    small office that you might miss if you aren't looking