Vernon county humane society

1150 nelson pkwy
Viroqua, WI 54665

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Service Review

    by: BuddiesMom

    Staff were assistive and patient during our process of discovery. Staff were willing to meet after hours to accommodate our needs. Love the fact the animals visit local Nursing Home. Shelter does great with the available resources. Staff followed up to check on how pup adjustment was going. Very helpful. Staff assisted in setting up first vet appointment. Much appreciated!


    Friendly Staff*NO KILL*Nice Facility


    Need for more staff, as is common for facilities

  • 2. Wonderful people, great animals & NO KILL

    by: purrfectb1tch

    i wasnt sure that my other kitties would be ok with a new kitten, but i was able to foster until we were sure things would be ok! they did all the tests before i brought him home to make sure he didnt have any special needs. this was very important to me because i had previously lost a cat to feline lukemia and we never knew he had it. also they helped me find a vet to get every thing taken care of before the adoption was final!! great people to work with and willing to help you at any time. \r\n


    no kill


    open hours

  • 3. Small shelter with big hearts!

    by: Yanicka24

    VCHS has gone from a small metal shack to a state of the art animal shelter all thanks to hard working, dedicated people, with big hearts!\r\nVCHS prides themselves on dedication and commitment to the animals and people they serve.\r\nThey are proud to be a NO-KILL shelter who is currently running an 80% return to owner rate.\r\nThey have allowed themselves to adopt animals to not only the communities they serve but to people from hundreds of miles away thus improving their adoption rate.\r\nAll this work is done with income from adoptions, government contracts, fundraisers, & donations. VCHS does not receive state or county funding.\r\nCongrats VCHS on a successful shelter.





  • 4. Excellent Small town atmosphere and NO KILL shelter.

    by: ahughes

    The Vernon County Humane society does the best it can with the resources provided. We are an equal opportunity employer, and have a great volunteer base.\r\n\r\nPets have been adopted all around the midwest, and cooperation with in and out of state rescues is at the core of belifs of volunteers, staff, and board.\r\n\r\nSome of the residents have remained over a year before they found that perfect home, but staff never gives up hope, an dit pays off!


    Small town warmth, they know the animals, and have a selection of shapes, sizes and colors. We work withother rescues and organizations to place difficult animimals.


    The shelter needs donations to continue providing these services.