VCA Westerville East Animal Hospital

6283 Sunbury Rd. South
Westerville, OH 43081

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Great vet office

    by: marleah

    We adopted kittens and VCA was close to us. We were very pleased with their services. One kitten soon became ill and died of FIP, and this office was extremely caring and considerate of us all in every way, including budgetary concerns. We were extremely worried about the remaining kittens and the staff helped ease our worries. \r\n\r\nWe recently moved and no longer use this vet but highly recommend them.


    Very caring and knowledgeable


    Small office

  • 2. Love this Place- Great Knowledgeable Staff

    by: kellyk7

    Love working with this vet office. Front the front desk back to the Drs. everyone has always been very helpful. Both Drs. have always taken the time to come to the phone to answer specific questions I have in regards to specific treatment for any of our foster dogs. Our rescue group is very fortunate to have such a great partnership with this office.


    Very friendly staff, great clean new location


    isn't close to the house, but what are ya gonna do?

  • 3. These Vets Rock!

    by: kellyia

    I work with a rescue group and Drs. Tabacca and Ott always make time for our sick pups. The front desk staff is as friendly as it gets. \r\nThey do tend to get a little shaving happy for spays/neuters. \r\nI like how they call my dogs 'Sir'. It makes me smile every time!\r\nVery gentle with all of the unpleasantries too - ie taking the temp.


    Friendliest staff ever. New building.


    Small staff

  • 4. Great for behavioral consults

    by: beaglemutz

    I use the VCA animal hospitals for my pets and love all of their staff. Dr Ott I recommend highly as an expert in behavioral veterinary practices. She will provide free consults to rescues to increase out ability to assess difficult cases and prescribe actions to address such concerns. What a support to her local community. I've met her several times and she has always made sure I have her personal contact information. What an honest and giving place. I would recommend these folks as they truly care about you and your pet, not just as a cash machine!


    Dr Ott is a behavioral genious