Vca veterinary specialists of northern colorado

201 west 67th court
Loveland, CO 80538
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. A great clinic!

    by: katyquinn

    Dr. Bright fixed our shelter cat that had been sick for over two years. We never thought she would get better :( But he found a way to fix her and now she is fat and happy in her new home. Everyone at this clinic was always helpful with anything I needed!


    Experts in their field!


    Specialty services are expensive!

  • 2. Good Place

    by: KipperSnack1

    If I have an emergency, this is where I will go. They can't be beat. If one of my dachshunds need back surgery, I will go here for treatment. Get the picture?


    Great staff, great emergency clinic


    Pricey, but worth it

  • 3. Fantastic Clinic

    by: rescueadog

    This clinic is well worth the money. The caring staf strives to do the best for your pets.


    knowledgable staff


    a little pricey