Vca Northboro Animal Hospital

286 West Main Street
Northboro, MA 1532

User Reviews (7)

  • 1. They were life savers!!!

    by: mmcdonald22

    My dog was very sick and my vet was closed I called This vet and they stayed open for me and checked her out I was concerned she may have drank some antifreeze. They were quick to respond and thank God she didnt and is doing great.


    Late hours



  • 2. I've been bringing my dogs here for many years.

    by: wzmann

    I have been bringing my dogs to this vet for 25 years. I wouldn't think of bringing them anywhere else!


    Knowledgeable staff, State of the art facility


    More expensive than some

  • 3. Best Vet Yet

    by: ztT4MP94077443

    I have been taking my dogs to this Veterinary Clinic for over 4 years now and have been extremely pleased with all the services I have had to have for my dogs. I had an elderly Maltese which became very ill and I had to put him down and I will always remember how they made me feel I was doing the best thing and how understanding and compassionate they were with me at that most difficult time. I now have one dog and will be getting another pup within a month and I know they will take the best of care of both of them always.


    Extremely friendly, caring and knowledgeable.


    No cons.

  • 4. Great office, always friendly and helpful!

    by: irishsocer

    My black lab has been going there since he was a puppy and we all love it. He gets greeted and fawned over by the techs when we walk in, usually greeted by name. The doctors have been great with him, very friendly and genuniely concerned about his health. When they say they are going to follow up on something, they always do it by the time they say will, even if it is as simple as checking his chart. Unfortuately he has had 2 knee surguries due to torn ACLs, etc. The doctors have been very good about checking him and warning us that his other knee had a good chance of going. They explained all the options in detail. They even offered one of the newer surgeries they were doing in the states for the first time (TTPO? - Titanium plates vs the steel plates). When my very smart and very dumb dog decieded to rip the staples ouf of the incision and we thought there was an infection they saw us right away. They were very accomadating and comforting throughout the whole process. I highly recommend this vet. We primarly see Dr. Teague as his main vet. Dr. Dudley did his surgeries and we even trusted her to make the call on which surgery to preform, depending on what it looked like when she opened it up. Niro still loves to go back, no hesitation after the surgery - probably because of the amount of attention he gets when he goes in there. I can't say enough nice things about this office. They are also very helpful when it comes to the insurance paperwork - another thing I highly recommend!!!


    Great techs and Vets; Very clean, just remodeled and expanded. Seems to be open to new technologies and techniques


    Location is on a very busy road

  • 5. Nervous Dog

    by: springinspaniels

    The vet handled my nervous dog very well. They were very friendly. The quote I got for surgery was a lot more than other vets had quoted me.


    Experienced staff



  • 6. Great Vet Hospital

    by: bjsilverstein

    The staff is very welcoming. The vet techs are knowledgeable and handle the animals well. The vets are compassionate and understanding. They work hard to diagnose problems and are honest with you about what needs to be done and about how much it will cost.


    Excellent service, knowlegeable and caring vets


    On the expensive side

  • 7. Great Emergency Vet

    by: stacieric

    I've had one experience with the VCA in Northboro when I came home one evening after work to find my guinea pig deathly ill. The VCA in Northboro was the only hospital willing to take a guinea pig at 5 PM. Despite the fact that the outcome was not a happy one (my guinea pig was a lot more sick than I thought), the staff was excellent. They went above and beyond what I would have expected from a veterinarian who had never met me or my pet and the staff was incredibly nice. I would definitely recommend going there for regular vet checks or emergencies.


    Late hours and knowlegdable staff, works with "exotics"