VCA Family Animal Hospital

98-1254 Kaahumanu Street
Pearl City, HI 96782

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Good big vet hospital

    by: RainieA

    This animal hospital is where I take my dogs. It is fairly good, and there are some good vets there. The place is roomy and has a lot of stuff that you can buy like toys and supplies and Eukanuba dog food, and other vet diets.\n\nThere are several waiting rooms, and the vet techs are very friendly. You can schedule with a specific vet, but sometimes it takes a week before you can get the appointment.\n\nThe waiting area is fairly clean, though sometimes there is a lingering doggy odor. The exam rooms are also fairly clean, though you can pick up fleas and ticks while in the exam room from an earlier patient.\n\nAs with most vets, it is fairly expensive, but you can ask the vets to call in the prescriptions for common drugs to Walmart, which is super cheap, or any other drugstore.\n\nThey also do regular well-checks, and that kind of thing. For the poop, you need to bring in a sample as they no longer take some from your dog's behind. This is because they outsource the stool check for parasites, and apparently the amount they get from scooping in the behind is not enough. Kinda gross, but it's worth doing.\n\nThe vet we go to loves my dogs, and is ever amazed at how friendly and well-behaved they are. I always tell her that it is owner not the breed.\n\nOverall I would recommend this vet as a good place to go to if you live in Pearl City or nearby. There hours are good, and they have a 24 hour vet on staff for emergencies.


    Big operation, lots of staff


    Hard to get appointments that day

  • 2. Big animal hospital

    by: corey240

    I take my dogs here and I like it. It is expensive though and I always end up with a bill over $300.00. \n\nI like that you get to pick which doctor you want to see, as the dogs like certain ones. You don't get to pick the vet tech though (but all of them are really nice).\n\nThey only will let you get heartworm and flea/tick stuff for their patients and only up to a one year supply at a time. It can mess you up if you have two dogs that are the same size, but their visits are on different schedules. Also, if you had to double up the frontline because you have a tick problem, then you run out early and they won't give it to you (even if the vet from there was the one that recommended that you treat every two weeks when there is a tick infestation happening). I've had this problem once in a while as my dogs are on Frontline Plus, but they go to the dog parks and outside all the time. If you ever forget to apply the Frontline each month, you can bet on an infestation if you take the dogs out as much as I do.\n\nThe clinic is pretty big and has a waiting area and supplies like a mini-pet store. They also sell regular Eukanuba and Science Diet dog and cat foods, as well as various vet diets.


    24 hour emergency care, vet on staff


    Sometimes takes long to schedule well-check appts