Vca clinton township animal hospital

40696 garfield road
Clinton township, MI 48038
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User Reviews (1)

  • 1. Vet Office

    by: maryannrohrabaugh

    I was referred to VCA because of a pet store where I got my dog at. They were very nice and they covered all fees because that was in the agreement when I bought the dog. Since they were such great people there I wanted to bring my cats there. I brought my cat there for a problem that she has had for years. I've always been told its an allergy problem. They wanted to do all these tests that seemed unnecessary. It end up costing a boat load of money. To top that off she wanted me to come back in two weeks to spend even more money. I don't know what they thinking there, most people don't have tons of to spend on a problem that doesn't affect my cats quality of life. I can understand doing some tests its just that most of them seemed unnecessary and way over priced. If it was only the people that I'm worried about I would be glad to go there but its also the money too. I will be going back to my other vet where its a little less expensive but its just a far drive for me to go to.


    Very nice staff


    Very costly