Vca Central Animal Hospital

281 North Central Avenue
Upland, CA 91786

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  • 1. Rediculous

    by: MaxMommy34

    This vet is so rediculously priced! I went in here to help my puppy who had PARVO and They wanted to charge us $1,000 and keep him over night with IV's and all that crazyness. It was so high we knew we were not going to afford. So all we had them do was inject saline into him (made a huge bubble on his back that was soo funny) and they gave us some antibiotics and they said not to feed him solid food. We went home thinking we were going to lose our puppy:( We gave him his antibiotics and only fed him applesauce and baby food. A week or so went by and he started getting better. Long story made a little shorter he survived and he is now 3 years old (SERJ) and one of the best dogs. This tells you that sometimes you don't have to pay thousands of dollars for the vet. They all try to SCAM!!!!


    emergency services


    bad customer service, VERY PRICEY