Vca Castle Shannon Animal Hospital

3610 Library Rd
Pittsburgh, PA

User Reviews (7)

  • 1. Our favorite vet

    by: lebocal

    We have been taking our dogs here for the past 15 years and have been pleased with the quality of care our dogs have received. They have had a variety of different surgeries and on one occasion, the vet even refunded us money as the work was not as extensive as he had anticipated! Right now we see Dr. Bocella and we think he is a superb vet!


    Caring staff, competent vets, emergency hours


    Tend to be a little expensive

  • 2. Caring for Animals

    by: Toria

    This animal hospital is one of the most professional veternarian hospitals I have been in. I've had pets all of my life, and this is the first I've seen that have a "ready" staff that is very knowledgeable. \r\n


    Clean, staff really cares about the animals, good location


    Small, busy

  • 3. Wonderful Caring Staff

    by: jennlynn82

    I have taken my cat to the Castle Shannon VCA on two different occasions. I was in tears in the waiting room with my poor sick cat in my lap (I couldn't bear to let him stay in his carrier) and one of the vet techs came over and say down next to us and gave me a hug and sat with me petting Gizmo until a vet could see us. It turned out he was extremely dehydrated both times and he had a bacterial infection one time. They took time to calm Gizmo down, did a throrough exam, and did blood work and x-rays to insure that they had checked for everything. Each time I was given the choice as to let them give him a fluid injection and take him home and bring him back if he didn't start improving or I could leave him there for the night on an IV. They never once forced me into anything. The only downside is that if you take your animal there on and emergency visit there is an $85 ER fee before anything else is done. I would reccomend the Castle Shannon VA to anyone for a regular vet or on an emergency basis.


    Wonderful people 24 hour service


    can be pricey, especially if you pay an emergency fee

  • 4. a great place to take your sick animal

    by: karen524peterson

    I took my sick hampster here. Unfortunately the hampster had to be put down. The staff was king and understanding. Even though some may have viewed my classroom pet as just a hampster, I was treated with the same respect and sympathy as someone who took a dog or cat. Thanks for not embarrassing me for being upset over a hampster.


    excellent care



  • 5. There are better in this area.

    by: mkkacz

    We took our dog here for many years and I never once felt like they really cared to help at all. Not that they are rude, just indifferent? Also, their prices are ridiculous! We found another vet right up the street who are warm people who really seem to like all animals and are a bit more reasonable with their prices (ex. tooth cleaning.) On the up side, it is nice to have a 24 hour vet for emergencies.


    It is great having a 24 hour emergency vet around.


    They are unfriendly and over priced.

  • 6. Very Bad Experience

    by: masst187

    I went to this hospital when my cat was ill. He wasn't eating and very lethargic. After waiting forever, he had some x-rays. Despite there being a visiable mass in his stomach, they said the reason he wasn't eating was because of an infected tooth and not to worry about the mass. I was charged over $1000 to have the tooth pulled, have him there over night, and for the x-rays.\r\n\r\nAfter the antibiotics were done, he went back to not eating and being lethargic. This time, I went to another animal hospital who referred me to a specialty hospital in Ohio. It turns out that small mass was cancer and was no longer small. It had spread. There was nothing that could be done; my cat had to be put to sleep.\r\n\r\nWho knows what could have been done if we were referred to the specialty hospital to begin with instead of having my cats tooth pulled.


    They accept Care Credit


    Charged for unneed services

  • 7. In regards to CS Animal Hospitol

    by: kmw723

    I would recomend this hospitol to anyone with pets. The staff take their time with each individual patient and never overlook any problem they may be having.


    Very affordable/ great staff


    Sometimes have too many patients than they can handle at one time/ not enough staff