VCA Aurora Animal Hospital

2600 W. Galena Blvd
Aurora, IL 60506
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User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Horrible!

    by: amanda243

    I brought in an injured wild animal that was dying very slowly and painfully. It had been attacked and needed help to die, and they told me I would have to pay upwards of a hundred dollars in order to help the poor thing not suffer. It was cruel and unfair to the animal that I was unable to pay the fee, so therefore it had to suffer a long and unbearable death. It was real torture to see such a horrible death that could have been easily prevented had VCA shown the animal some compassion.


    Good at turning people away


    Don't care about animals

  • 2. Our Miracle Husky

    by: Dj96

    Last year our Husky had to go there after her lung meds werent working. We took her to our regular vet and after a quick check they referred us to VCA Aurora. Dancers lungs had collapsed. After further diagnoses she had deterioration of some of her lung, so they had to remove a part of her left side of her lung and some of her right lobe. Our poor baby was in there for 6 long days, and WOW expensive. Its hard to put $$ on your pets life but everything happened so fast. We got one set of numbers then we had to do surgery and there was mis-communication on there was the original quote plus the addition cost. We asked them what it would be total (or at least the closest they could) well that was 1/2 of what the bill really was. Just make sure you know your numbers and have them explain everything. It was tough for us, since a lot of this was done via phone and fax.(and our minds were going a mile a minute knowing she was sick) We would definitely use them again if we needed. They are super busy so when you go to get your precious one, you may be there a little while, we were there an hour an half before we got to take her home. But thanks to everyone that worked there, Dancer is doing well. She has her days of being slow, but there are those days she runs her laps too many times in our eyes. Its a degenerative condition so we are just blessed for everyday we have with her, because next time her lung collapses she may not make it, due to the disease and lack of lung capacity . Whenever we did call, they would talk to us, not just the Vet Techs, we talked to the Doctors. We did stay within their calling hours but they always told us, dont worry call whenever. They talked to us in lamines terms even though we both have some medical background to understand what they are talking about. Very thorough, and when we did the initial visit nothing was rushed and they took her when we were ready. A+


    Very willling to talk to you anytime


    slow at check out and a few problems in communicating $$

  • 3. Don't go to VCA Shorewood

    by: trippersammy

    I took Tripper Boy to get his shots and have them look at a big bump on his side. She barely looked at it and said it was an ingrown hair. I brought him back a month later because it doubled in size. It wasn't an ingrown hair, it's a mast cell tumor.


    My Dog got a treat


    They "missed" a tumor

  • 4. They saved my dog

    by: chickenman

    After adopting our dog from a shelter, she suddenly could no longer use her back legs. We took her in to VCA: She had degenerative disc disorder. Dr. Heidi Barnes fixed our dog, plain and simple. She was incredibly kind and patient with us, explained the options, and performed magnificently. Lucy, our pet beagle, has enriched our lives for three years now, with only the occasional scare. Thank you so much Dr. Barnes, you gave our dog, and our family, new life. \r\nI should note that this hospital has been very helpful and patient on our return visits as well.


    very professional, expert staff


    receptionists were not the most helpful people

  • 5. Highly recommend this place!

    by: dleigh

    We had to take our baby for an MRI and was referred by Greenhaven Animal Hospital to Aurora.\r\nI dreaded the trip (about 3 hour drive) and I thought we'd never find the place in a Chicago suburb. Boy was I wrong! The trip was easy and the hospital was very easy to get to. The neurologists and her staff were absolutely great. They treated our dog like one of their regular patients and with much love and patience. We were so impressed with the whole place. We spent the entire day there, but we got to take our doggie home with us that night. If you need to see a specialist I would highly recommend the trip to Aurora Animal Hospital.


    Great care if you need a specialist