VCA Allen Park Animal Hospital

5410 Allen Road
Allen Park, MI 48101

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Nice new facility, but expensive

    by: jamannor

    They are very convient if you are looking to get in fast, since they have walk-in appointments, but they are very expensive. With the puppy discount its well over $400 for all their shots. After the first two we shopped around and found it for nearly half that cost a several places. I went to the old hospital and it was pretty run down, but the new one is very nice. The people and the vet seemed very nice as well. I did have one concern when I got my puppy he had some bugs, the breader (which should have been a trouble sign I know) said that her vet said they were lice and the vet had never heard of such a thing. She opened up her text books and sure enough that's what they were. She said that this kind of stuff comes from third world countries... We also took him in becuase he got very sick, they wanted to charge us $900. I told them I couldn't afford that and we sepent $600 and they never knew what was wrong with him. After that we decided to switch to someone a little closer and also much cheaper.


    New facility, walk-in appointments


    had to tell them what was wrong, and they looked it up in a book, also a little expensive

  • 2. Satisfactory

    by: mimiinblue

    My experience with this VCA has been satisfactory. I like all the vets I have met, they are helpful and knowledgable, and take time to teach about animals when needed. I had a payment problem with them, which was not resolved totally to my satisfaction. But I continue to go to this vet often, the hours and place are convenient.


    Vets are great


    Some staff are difficult

  • 3. Bad and Good Times

    by: Roxymimi

    VCA Allen Park is a Good Vet to go to most of the time. I've had my Bad Experiences with them though, Once my Dog Roxy was at the VCA and a Woman there was getting her Stool Sample after she was done, She stuck her face right in Roxy's face(to talk to her I guess) and Roxy Snapped at her(didn't bite). The woman clearly wasn't too experienced with dogs because one thing you never do is put your face right in their face espically after you do something to them like a Stool Sample or Shot. \r\n\r\nAnother time was with My Cat, Abby. \r\nWhen Abby was a kitten she got Spayed(Before she went in heat). We went to VCA for the surgery and she was fine after the spay until a few days later and so we brought her in but they didn't do anything(They said it was fine). But than it started getting worse so we brought her back(a few days later) and then they said it needed Medicine and stuff. So we had to spend money on something we tried to prevent.


    Friendly Staff


    Not the Most educated Workers