Van Ee Rene T

2288 Sheridan Drive
Buffalo, NY 14201

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  • 1. Dr. Rene Van Ee, Sheridan Animal Clinic

    by: Pattyr

    I recently had my dog, Suzy, operated on by Dr. Van Ee for a subluxated hip that was painful to her and limited her ability to walk. It was very reassurring to me to know that we have a Board Certified Orthopedic Vet in the Buffalo Area. My vet offered to do the surgery, however, I wanted some one with more training in this area. Of course, the cost was higher at this facility than at my own vet's but I wanted the added benefit of the Board Certification. I trusted him completely and I was more relaxed the day of surgery in knowing that I made the right decision. He was very caring and concerned both before and after the surgery. The follow up care is on going and the dog is doing very well 2 weeks after the surgery.


    Board Certified Orthopedic Vet. Surgeon