Valley Green Veterinary Hospital

1565 Potts Hill Rd
Etters, PA

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  • 1. Groomed our little guy for 17 years!

    by: dmmsheep

    Our maltese/poodle had to have his fur trimmed about every 3-4 months. We bathed him, but he NEVER let us trim his fur. We were using the Valley Green Vet and found out they did grooming too. Our dog went there for grooming his whole life. And when he was getting into his senior years, they worked with us to make sure he was comfortable and not a threat to his groomers or himself. As I mentioned in my review of the vet service, we always felt the staff knew and cared deeply for our little guy.\r\n\r\nAlso, the valley green vet helped us out when we found a bichon frise abandoned. For some reason, two other groomers we contacted would not groom her (they said b/c of the breed, which I did not understand - we just wanted the mats cut off!), but Valley Green agreed to take her in and cleaned her up for us - basically shaved her completely! But she was in good shape after that, and we were very appreciative.


    Always did a good job