Valley Central Veterinary Referral Center

210 Fullerton Avenue
Whitehall, PA 18052

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. excellant care

    by: doogzo7

    when my teacup poodle needed leg surgery that was the place to go. they treated her very well and did a fantastic job with her legs. they took great care of her and the round the clock care cant be beat they have the latest tech.


    top of the line doctors



  • 2. The Hodges Brothers.....

    by: KaliInPa

    I've had many dealings with both Drs. They have a wonderful, caring staff, state of the art equipment and have more knowledge and know how than you can imagine.\r\n\r\nWhen my Merlin tangled with a trap, Dr. Hodges performed surgery to save my little guy's leg. When it was all said and done, you'd never have known that my cat's leg was severely broken and required pins and a plate to put him back together again.\r\n\r\nThese two Docs are also honest. I sent my Mom's cat for an ultrasound when the rads at my work place showed an enlarged liver. The conversation afterward was concise and to the point with the bad news delivered with nothing short of compassion, understanding and respect.\r\n\r\nI hold these two in the highest regard. I have yet to deal with anyone more knowledgable in their field.\r\n\r\n


    These guys are the BEST!


    Not a one

  • 3. Valley Central when you need the best!

    by: PITTIEMOM1

    Dr.'s Carlos and Ron are the dynamic duo! They saved my dog's life after an inept vet misdiagnosed her. The entire staff was curteous, sympathetic, knowledgeable, and professional from the initial phone call to them to the re-checks post-op.\r\nValley Central also did my other dog's hip surgery, as she had bilateral hip dyplasia. She now runs like a gazelle, when she previously had problems walking.


    Everything about Valley Central is PRO


    none, except that they are further away from me since I've moved

  • 4. yay

    by: AngelB

    Valley Central is the emergency hospital in our area that is open 8pm to 8am. Now I do work at another animal hospital and we do our own emergency but we have done a lot with VC and they are wonderful people. It's great that they are available and our clients that have used them are pleased. Whenever we have needed their assistance ( they carry blood and plasma and such) they always come through. But for people with pets and vet hosp that is not opened this is a wonderful service. They could be open during the day but by day they are a vet referal service.


    always there when u need em and no one else is around


    rt 22 is the best way there and I can't drive 22